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CHS Alumni Baseball, Softball Games Slated

Clatskanie High School (CHS) baseball and softball alumni games are scheduled in conjunction with Clatskanie Heritage Days and sponsored in part by Clatskanie Parks and Recreation.

All former CHS baseball and softball players are invited to play in the games set July 2 at Clatskanie Middle/High School’s (CMHS) Ron Puzey Field.

The second annual baseball alumni game events will begin with a home run derby at 10 a.m. and in/out field practice at 11:30 a.m.

Class of 1996 and earlier will play the first game beginning at 12 noon. A second game with Class of 1997 graduates through present will follow.

The inaugural alumni softball game starts at 1 p.m., with batting and warm-ups beginning at 12 noon.

Games will be seven innings, featuring “even” year graduates against “odd” year graduates.

There is a participation fee of $20 per player. The fee includes a commemorative t-shirt. Spectators receive free admission.

Registrations and payment should be submitted by June 13 and mailed to P.O. Box 68, Clatskanie, OR 97016. Make baseball entries payable to CMHS Baseball and softball entries payable to CMHS Alumni Game.

Questions regarding the baseball game may be directed to Ryan Tompkins at 503 728-2146 extension 2248, or rtompkins@csd.k12.or.us. For softball game inquiries, contact Gary Kuehl at 503 314-0808 or hook@clatskanie.com.

Tigers and Columbians Compete at Twilight Meet

First place ribbons went to Clatskanie Tigers Kaylee Taylor and Adam Siltala at the Twilight Invitational track meet held at at Kalama High School on Friday, April 22.

Head coach Tim Van Voorst commented saying “Overall our athletes performed well. We had more personal records in almost every eveent and made a huge gain in our girls 4×400 relay.”

Taylor placed first in javelin with a throw of 117’ and Siltala was first in the 3200-meter race, with a time of 10:12.27.

Rainier Columbian Erik Sutfin also earned a first place ribbon for his time of 41.62 in the 300-meter hurdles.

Van Voorst also commented, “We struggled a bit bit in the throwing events except the girls javelin. We have three weeks left of our season with a league meet each of the next two  weeks and then our district meet at Catlin Gable.”

Individual times and distances for the meet were:

Clatskanie Boys Results

100 meters: Shelby Grittman, second, 11.43; Cedet Bailey, fifth, 11.67.

200 meters: Shelby Grittman, third, 23.32; Cedet Bailey, fifth, 23.93.

400 meters: Adam Siltala, 56.73; Geoff Deanhardt, 1:07.33.

800 meters: Michael Siltala, 2:10.88; David Landis, 2:35.08.

1600 meters: Michael Siltala, fourth, 4:50.57; Travis Griffith, 5:27.33.

3200 meters: Adam Siltala, first, 10:12.27; Shawn Murray, 10:55.17.

110-meter hurdles: Zach Krause, 18.34; Bryce Horness, 19.89.

300-meter hurdles: Zach Krause, 47.16; Bryce Horness, 49.14.

4×100-meter relay: Mitchell Jensen, Bryce Horness, Shelby Grittman, Cedet Bailey, fourth, 45.58.

4×400-meter relay: Bryce Horness, Mitchell Jensen, Michael Siltala, Zach Krause, 3:52.56.

Shot put: Brendan Hulegaard, 39’08”; Connor Hulegaard, 39’04”; Michael Froke, 33’06.5”.

Discus: Corey Thompson, 104’06”; Connor Hulegaard, 103’04”.

Javelin: Michael Siltala, 129’01”; Brendan Hulegaard, 119’03”.

High jump: Corey Thompson, 5’; Connor Hulegaard, 5’. Mitchell Jensen also competed.

Long jump: Cedet Bailey, 17:02; Randy Hathaway, 15’09”.

Triple jump: Stephen Nguyen, 32’02”; Connor Hulegaard, 32’02”.

Clatskanie Girls Results

100 meters: Sadie Harkins, 13.73; Jewell Penn, 14.38.

200 meters: Sadie Harkins, 28.98; Emily Points, 30.78; Jewell Penn, 30.78.

400 meters: Leonie Orosi, 1:11.40; Emily Points, 1:11.40; Danielle Bernsten, 1:11.50.

800 meters: Tiffany Ryan, 2:41.91; Saige Anderson, 2:49.27.

1600 meters: Tiffany Ryan, second, 5:59.04.

3200 meters: Lynn Siltala, 14:39.25.

100-meter hurdles: Alyssa Moore, 20.59.

300-meter hurdles: Alyssa Moore, 56.59.

4×100-meter relay: Sadie Harkins, Jewell Penn, Kori Stavig, Kaylee Taylor, 55.70.

4×200 meter relay: Kaylee Taylor, Sadie Harkins, Jewell Penn, Kori Stavig, fourth, 1:57.28.

4×400-meter relay: Kaylee Taylor, Danielle Bernsten, Saige Anderson, Kori Stavig, fourth, 4:35.89.

Shot put: Carley Lannan, fifth, 31’08”; Maegan Hunter, 24’01.5”.

Discus: Carley Lannan, 67’05”; Maegan Hunter, 59’10”.

Javelin: Kaylee Taylor, first, 117’00”; Maegan Hunter, 88’00”.

Long jump: Leonie Orosi, 14’03”; Kori Stavig, 11’10.5”.

Triple jump: Leonie Orosi, 27’08”; Saige Anderson, 26’03.5”.

Rainier Boys Results

100 meters: Clay Wimmer, 11.74; Cody Gollihugh, 12.99.

200 meters: Devon Marshall, third, 23.67; Clay Wimmer, 24.05.

400 meters: Devon Marshall, seccond, 52.72. Trent Cheseboro also competed.

800 meters: Tyson Griffith, 2:19.73. Trent Cheseboro also competed.

1600 meters: Brian Guisinger, 5:31.01; Trevor Ontiverous, 5:42.26.

3200 meters: Jon Kelley, 11:17.10. Sean Johnson also competed.

110-meter hurdles: Erik Sutfin, 17.20; Nathan Soule, 20.45.

300-meter hurdles: Erik Sutfin, first, 41.62; Nathan Soule, 50.02.

4×100-meter relay: Clay Wimmer, Erik Sutfin, Craig Pederson, Devon Marshall, third, 45.54.

4×400-meter relay: Clay Wimmer, Trent Cheseboro, Erik Sutfin, Devon Marshall, third, 3:39.28.

Shot put: Cameron Hall, fourth, 43’00.5”; Will Patten, 35’06.5”.

Discus: Cameron Hall, 92’06”; Zack Lovell, 86’10”.

Javelin: Zack Lovell, 122’03”; Cody Gollihugh, 118’10”.

High jump: Zack Lovell, 5’02”.

Pole vault: Zack Lovell, 10’06”.

Long jump: Trevor Ontiverous, 16’00”; Brian Guisinger, 15’11”.

Triple jump: Trent Cheseboro, 36’03”; Cody Gollihugh, 30’10”.

Rainier Girls Results

100 meters: Jessica Nuemann, 14.01; Jubilee Jefferson, 14.63.

200 meters: Whitney Maddux-Bruce, 33.26; Adrian Johanson also competed.

400 meters: Megan Crawford, 1:10:57; Morgan Maddux-Bruce, 1:16.02.

800 meters: Hayley Strenke, 2:42.52; Jessica Anderson, 2:44.62.

1600 meters: Jessica Anderson, 6:23.51.

100-meter hurdles: Katie Engstrom, 19.33; Morgan Maddux-Bruce, 22.66.

300-meter hurdles: Katie Engstrom, fourth, 55.31; Nadia Solenko, 1:15.53.

4×100-meter relay: Hayley Strenke, Megan Crawford, Jubilee Jefferson, Jessica Neumann, 56.73.

4×200-meter relay: Courtney Wanamaker, Whitney Maddux-Bruce, Sammi Malsack, Adrian Johanson, no time.

4×400-meter relay: Hayley Strenke, Megan Crawford, Jubilee Jefferson, Jessica Neumann, fifth 4:42.20.

Shot put: Jesse Grow, 28’02”; Kati Paddock, 25’00.5”.

Discus: Jesse Grow, fourth, 93’09”; Sammi Malsack, 71’02”.

Javelin: Jesse Grow, fourth, 93’03”; Adrian Johanson, 64’04”.

High jump: Jessica Neumann, 4’04”; Whitney Maddux-Bruce also competed.

Long jump: Katie Engstrom, 13’08.5”; Jubilee Jefferson, 12’09”.

Triple jump: Katie Engstrom, 29’06”; Courtney Wanamaker also competed.

Tiger Baseball Tops  Valley Catholic for League Win

Two months into the season Clatskanie’s varsity baseball team finally played its first game on their home diamond.

The Tiger team grabbed a Lewis and Clark League win last Friday against Valley Catholic, 1-0, with an outstanding day on defense.

Clatskanie turned two double plays and commited no errors against the Oregon School Activities Association’s (OSAA) seventh-ranked Valiants.

The Tigers’ lone run came in the fourth inning when Tim McRey-nolds led off with an infield single, followed by a Valley Catholic throwing error which advanced him to second base. McReynolds moved to third on a one-out ground ball.

With two outs, Jacob Meyer hit a ground ball sailing over the head of the Valiants’ first baseman to score McReynolds.

Jacob Wemmer got the win from the mound pitching five innings, allowing only four hits and striking out three. Blair Gressett recorded the save pitching the scoreless final two innings.

The Tigers are 2-2 in Lewis and Clark League action, and 3-8 on the season.

Lady Tigers Take 2-1 Loss from Valley Catholic

The Lady Tiger varsity softball team lost at home to Valley Catholic on Thursday, April 21. The undefeated Valiant ladies came out ahead 2-1 in the pitchers duel in which Clatskanie gave up three hits while Valley Catholic gave up five.

Valley Catholic crossed the plate first when their clean-up batter hit a triple and scored on a passed ball in the top of the fourth inning.

Clatskanie was able to tie the game in the bottom of the sixth inning when
Teauna Hughes connected for a single and was bunted on to second base.

Hughes stole third and scored on an error when the Valiants’ catcher overthrew third base.

Valley Catholic scored again in the top of the seventh to go up 2-1.

Clatskanie advanced a runner to third base in the bottom of the seventh but was unable to score and Valley Catholic walked away with the win.

Clatskanie pitcher Kierra Kallunki took the loss from the mound.

Top hitter for the game was Kelli Burgher who went 2-3.

Clatskanie’s game against Corbett, orginally scheduled for Tuesday afternoon, has been tentatively rescheduled for Saturday, according to Clatskanie assistant coach Gary Kuehl.

Clatskanie and Rainier Middle School Track Teams Compete

Clatskanie Middle and Rainier Junior high school’s track teams competed in a season-opening track meet at Rainier Junior./Senior High School on Wednesday, April 13.

Other schools competing at the meet included St. Helens, Vernonia and Banks.

Individual times and distances based on information provided to The Chief included:

Clatskanie Boys Results

100 meters: Ian Griffith, first-seventh grade, 13.94; Trask Hill, 14.41; Ryan Watson, 16.53; Bailey Makinson, 16.66; Josh Harris, 18.24.

100-meter hurdles: Ian Griffith, first-seventh grade, 17.22; Bailey Makinson, 21.59.

Shot put: Ryan Froke, 28’7”; Brandon Brownfield, 25’5.5”.

Discus: Ryan Froke, 66’2”; Danny Goldwater, 51’6”; Brandon Brownfield, 45’10”.

Long jump: Danny Goldwater, 10’6”.

Turbo javelin: Danny Goldwater, 71’7.5”.

4×100-meter relay: seventh grade, 1:00.83.

Clatskanie Girls Results

100 meters: Claire Jones, 14.41; Caitlyn Ives, 15.3; Cecelia Nelson, 16.24; Kerissa Engen, 16.84; Madison Gaylin 17.95; Hanna Bernsten, 18.02.

400 meters: Caitlyn Ives, 1:17.65.

100-meter hurdles: Bethany Mullins, Caitlyn Ives, no time.

4×100-meter relay: Clatskanie, eighth grade, 1:03.13; Clatskanie,  seventh grade, 1:11.23.

Shot put: Arlee Nosack, 23’9”; Shayla Giberson, 16’10.5”; Riley Rivera, 16’9”; Meg McGlothen, 16’8”; Zia Wiles, 16’7” Kerissa Engen, 15’6.5”; Hanna Bernsten, 14’6.

Discus: Meg McGlothen, 52’2”; Caitlyn Ives, 49’2”; Arlee Nosack, 47’7”; Madison Gaylin, 43’6”; Riley Rivera, 42’10”; Shayla Giberson, 39’7”; Hanna Bernsten, 22’4”.

Long jump: Cecelia Nelson, 10’3”; Bethany Mullins, 9’2”; Meg McGlothen, 9’1”; Kerissa Engen, 6’8”; Riley Rivera, 6’1”; Shayla Giberson, 5’2”.

Turbo javelin: Cecelia Nelson, 44’9”; Madison Gaylin, 39’; Shayla Giberson, 34’4”.

High jump: Jessica Mullins, 3’8”,

Rainier Boys Results

100 meters: Jeremiah Serna, 12.68; Thor Ware, 12.78; Tristin Barnes-Burnham, 14.88; Rexx Lawson, 15.72; Jon Zielinski, 16.09.

200 meters: Jeremiah Serna, 27.61; Jon Zielinski, 30.97.

400 meters: Rexx Lawson, 1:16.02.

1500 meters: Bostin Asbury-Harris, 7:33.0.

100-meter hurdles: Nick Griffith, 19.63; Bryan Falls, 23.15; Riley Coulter, 28.25.

200-meter hurdles: Nick Griffith, 37.88.

4×100-meter relay: Bostin Asbury-Harris, Tristin Barnes-Burnham, Nick Griffith, Thor Ware, 58.75; Riley Coulter, Kyle Gates, Kyle Hickam, Colton Verhoef, 1:09.

Shot put:  Thor Ware,  36’4”; Elijah Foultner, 26’4.5”; Harlan Williams, 14’11”.

Discus: Elijah Foultner, 68’4”; Bostin Asbury-Harris, 49’; Harlan Williams, 20’2”.

Turbo javelin: Colton Verhoef, 91’10”; Thor Ware, 88’5”; Elijah Foultner, 77’8”; Kyle Hickam, 49’10”; Zach Coulter, 40’11”; Dexter Patterson, 39’9; Harlen Williams, 39’9”.

High jump: Kyle Gates, 4’0”.

Long jump:Kyle Gates, 11’2.5”; Elijah Foultner, 9’10”; Zach Coulter, 5’3”.

Rainier Girls Results

100 meters: Byanca Lezama, 15.29; Heather Uerling, 16.35; Paige Mogray, 16.75; Brooke Cole, 17.06; Nina Holmes, 17.12; Savanah Harkleroad, 17.95; Tabby Brooks, 18.69.

200-meter hurdles: Monica Guisinger, 37.65.

4×100-meter relay: Andrea Lezama, Amanda Lilya, Paige Mogray, Heather Uerling, 1:05.14; Bailey Eastman, Monica Guisinger, Byanca Lezama, Megan Masterson, 1:08.84; Brooke Cole, Savanah Harkleroad, Nina Holmes, Tabitha Brooks, 1:10.27.

Shot put: Andrea Lezama, 25’9”; Amanda Lilya, 25’2.5”; Paige Mogray, 23’0.5”.

Discus: Paige Mogray, 53’2”; Amanda Lilya, 41’0”; Heather Uerling, 30’8”.

Javelin: Brooke Cole, 39’.

High jump: Heather Uerling, 3’8”.

Long jump: Megan Masterson, 10’6”; Monica Guisinger, 9’9”; Savanah Harkleroad, 9’4”; Bailey Eastman, 9’3”; Heather Uerling, 8’11”; Tabitha Brooks, 8’4”; Nina Holmes, 8’3”.

Middle School Track Teams Compete in Seaside

Clatskanie and Rainier middle school track teams competed in the “Battle Against Broadway” track meet in Seaside on Wednesday, April 20.

Individual times and distances are based on information provided to The Chief by various coaches:

Clatskanie Boys Results

100 meters: Ian Griffith, 13.94.

200 meters: Ian Griffith, 29.44; Trask Hill, 31.13.

1500 meters: Danny Goldwater, 6:52.8.

100-meter hurdles: Ian Griffith, 17.07; Bailey Makinson, 22.18.

200-meter hurdles: Ian Griffith, 33.09.

4×100-meter relay: Clatskanie, 1:01.2.

Shot put: Ryan Froke, 30’9”; Brandon Brownfield, 27’11”.

Discus: Brandon Brownfield,  53’01.5”; Ryan Froke, 54’8”.

Clatskanie Girls Results

100 meters: Claire Jones, first, 14.41; Caitlyn Ives, 14.85; Madison Gaylin, 17.25; Bethany Mullins, 16.23; Jessica Mullins, 16.92.

200 meters: Claire Jones, 30.88; Caitlyn Ives, 33.17; Bethany Mullins, 38.29; Zia Wiles, 38.3; Madison Gaylin, 37.97.

100-meter hurdles: Caitlyn Ives, 20.63; Bethany Mullins, 21.7.

4×100-meter relay: Clatskanie, second, eighth grade, 1:02.9; Clatskanie, 1:11.8.

Shot put: Charice Giberson, 24’10; Arlee Nosack, 25’09”; Meg McGlothen, 19’03”; Shayla Giberson, 19’00”; Hanna Bernsten, 16’02”.

Discus: Arlee Nosack, 49’09.75”; Madison Gaylin, 43’03”; Meg McGlothen, 40’08”; Charice Giberson, 40’06”; Shayla Giberson, 35’06.5”.

Javelin: Madison Gaylin, 49’02”; Shayla Giberson, 35’05”.

High jump: Claire Jones, 3’10”;  Jessica Mullins, 3’08”.

Long jump: Arlee Nosack, 10’01.5”; Meg McGlothen, 9’10.5”; Kerissa Engen, 7’05.5”; Hanna Bernsten, 6’09”; Charice Giberson,  5’07.25”.

Rainier Boys Results

100 meters: Jeremiah Sema, 12.7; Thor Ware, 13.05; Jon Zielinski, 14.85; Rexx Lawson, 15.2; Emmett Earlywine, 15.81; Kyle Hickam, 15.99.

200 meters: Jeremiah Sema, 27.17; Jon Zielinski, 32.47.

400 meters: Rex Lawson, 1:15.1.

4×100-meter relay: Rainier, 1:02.3; Rainier, 1:11.

4×400-meter relay: Rainier, 5:38.1.

Shot put: Thor Ware, 35’06”; Bostin Asbury-Harris, 31’04”; Elijah Foultner, 27’07”; Harlan Williams, 19’00”.

Javelin: Colton Verhoef, 98’00”; Elijah Foultner, 87’01”; Tristin Barnes-Burnham, 80’00”; Zach Coulter, 42’08”; Harlan Williams, 33’02”.

High jump: Kyle Hickam, 4’0”; Riley Coulter, 3’8”.

Long jump: Thor Ware, 14’02”; Emmett Earlywine, 12’06”; Elijah Foultner, 10’00.25”.

Rainier Girls Results

100 meters: Megan Masterson, 16.81; Paige Mogray, 16.9; Byanca Lezerna, 17.57.

200 meters: Samantha Guiley, 35.59.

100-meter hurdles: Julia Patterson, 16.06; Savanah Harkleroad, 17.52; Tabitha Brooks, 18.01; Jessica Gibson, 23.07.

4×100-meter relay: Rainier, 1:06.6; Rainier, 1:09.1; Rainier, 1:09.4.

4×400-meter relay: Rainier, 6:23.4; Rainier, 6:40.2.

Shot put: Jessica Gibson, 27’4”; Paige Mogray, 24’10”; Andrea Lezama, 24’8”.

Discus: Jessica Gibson, 51’07”.

Javelin: Julia Patterson, 34’10”; Brooke Cole, 30’3”.

High jump: Heather Uerling, 3’10”.

Long jump: Bailey Eastman, 10’09.5”; Samantha Guiley, 10’01.25”; Savanah Harkleroad, 9’11.5”; Elisha Heacock, 9’0”; Monica Guisinger, 8’08”; Megan Masterson, 8’07.5”; Nina Holmes, 7’06.25”; Tabitha Brooks, 7’01”.

Vernonia Equestrian Breaks District Record, Team Heads to State Finals

Vernonia High School (VHS) equestrian team member Brianna Carr broke the district record in keyhole at the third district meet in McMinnville April 7-10. Carr claimed first place with a time of 6.99 seconds. Teammate McKenzie Tarkalson placed 12th.

The team took ninth place in team penning.

Equestrian team members placed in the following events: steer daubing – Brett Benes, fourth, Tarkalson 12th; barrels – Carr, fifth; individual flags – Benes, 11th, Chrissy Garrison, 29th; two-man birangle – Tarkalson and Carr shared third place; pole bending – Benes, 11th, and figure eight – Carr, eighth.

In the district placings, which determine state qualifiers, Carr was first in keyhole and fifth in barrels. She tied with teammate Tarkalson for second place in two-man birangle. Benes claimed fifth place in district in steer daubing and will go to state finals as an alternate.

The team will compete May 19-22 at the state finals in Redmond.

Coach Diane Benes says she is happy with this season’s successes. “All four riders have shown marked improvement and have placed in the top 10 percent of most events. The kids are looking forward to competing with their peers across the state and will practice hard to keep their placements,” Coach Benes concluded.


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