October, 2011

Priority Posting and Publishing TRUSTEE’S NOTICE OF SALE Loan No: 0718998-9001 T.S. No.: 11-00441-2 Reference is made to that certain Deed of Trust and Fixture Filing dated as of January 9, 2008 made by, YUMYUNG CORPORATION, AN OREGON CORPORATION, as the original grantor, to TICOR TITLE, as the original trustee, in favor of California Bank & Trust, as the original beneficiary, recorded on January 17, 2008, as Instrument No. 2008-000518 and modified under that certain Trust Deed Modification and Memorandum of Agreement recorded May 8, 2008, as Instrument No. 2008-004650 of Official Records in the Office of the Recorder of Columbia County, Oregon (the “Deed of Trust”). The current beneficiary is: California Bank & Trust, (the “Beneficiary”). APN: 0110-04-11-90-1-3-0170000 BEGINNING AT A POINT ON THE SOUTHERLY RIGHT OF WAY UNE OF THE MARTIN ROAD NO. 8 IN SECTION 19, TOWNSHIP 4 NORTH, RANGE 1 WEST, WILLAMETTE MERIDIAN, COLUMBIA COUNTY, OREGON, THAT IS EAST 4371.41 FEET AND SOUTH 30.0 FEET FROM THE NORTHWEST CORNER OF THE GARNER T. FOSTER DONATION LAND CLAIM; THENCE EAST ALONG THE SAID SOUTHERLY RIGHT OF WAY UNE OF SAID MARTIN ROAD A DISTANCE OF 50.0 FEET; THENCE SOUTH 10°09’ WEST A DISTANCE OF 554.19 FEET; THENCE NORTH 63°49 ‘ WEST A DISTANCE OF 32.5 FEET; THENCE SOUTH 63°49’ EAST TO THE NORTHWESTERLY CORNER OF THE STATE OF OREGON TRACT DESCRIBED IN DEED RECORDED NOVEMBER 4, 1976 IN BOOK 208, PAGE 675, DEED RECORDS OF COLUMBIA COUNTY, OREGON; THENCE SOUTHWESTERLY, ALONG WESTERLY LINE OF SAID STATE OF OREGON TRACT, A DISTANCE OF 100 FEET TO THE TRUE POINT OF BEGINNING OF THE FOLLOWING DESCRIBED TRACT; THENCE NORTH 63°49’ WEST 410.21 FEET TO A POINT; THENCE SOUTHWESTERLY, PARALLEL WITH THE WESTERLY RIGHT OF WAY LINE OF THE COLUMBIA RIVER HIGHWAY AS ESTABUSHED IN 1975 TO POINT OF INTERSECTION WITH A LINE DRAWN NORTH 63°49’ WEST FROM THE MOST SOUTHERLY CORNER OF TRACT DESCRIBED IN DEED RECORDED NOVEMBER 4, 1978 IN BOOK 208, PAGE 675, DEED RECORDS OF COLUMBIA COUNTY, OREGON; THENCE SOUTH 63°49’ EAST TO THE MOST SOUTHERLY CORNER OF SAID TRACT DESCRIBED IN DEED RECORDED IN SAID BOOK 208, PAGE 675; THENCE NORTHWESTERLY AND NORTHEASTERLY ALONG THE SOUTHERLY AND WESTERLY LINE OF SAID TRACT AS DESCRIBED IN SAID BOOK 208, PAGE 675, TO THE TRUE POINT OF BEGINNING. Commonly known as: 56575 COLUMBIA RIVER HIGHWAY, WARREN, OR Both the Beneficiary and the Trustee have elected to sell the said real property to satisfy the obligations secured by the Deed of Trust and notice has been recorded pursuant to Section 86.735(3) of Oregon Revised Statutes: the default(s) for which the foreclosure is made is that the grantor(s): failed to pay payments which became due; and all subsequent payments; together with late charges due; failed to pay advances made by the Beneficiary; and which defaulted amounts total: $35,600.45 as of September 9, 2011. By this reason of said default the Beneficiary has declared all obligations secured by said deed of trust immediately due and payable, said sums being the following, to wit: The sum of $948,415.90 together with interest thereon at the rate of 5.05700% per annum from April 4, 2011 until paid; plus all accrued late charges thereon; and all Trustee’s fees, foreclosure costs and any sums advanced by the Beneficiary pursuant to the terms of said deed of trust. Whereof, notice hereby is given that FIDELITY NATIONAL TITLE INSURANCE COMPANY,  as the duly appointed Trustee under the Deed of Trust will on February 3, 2012 at the hour of 10:00 AM, Standard of Time, as established by section 187.110, Oregon Revised Statues, At the main entrance to Columbia County Courthouse, 230 Strand Street St. Helens, County of Columbia, State of Oregon, sell at public auction to the highest bidder for cash the interest in the said described real property which the grantor had or had power to convey at the time of the execution of the Deed of Trust, together with any interest which the grantor or his successor(s) in interest acquired after the execution of the Deed of Trust, to satisfy the foregoing obligations thereby secured and the costs and expenses of sale, including a reasonable charge by the Trustee. Notice is further given that any person named in Section 86.753 of Oregon Revised Statutes has the right to have the foreclosure proceeding dismissed and the trust deed reinstated by payment to the Beneficiary of the entire amount then due (other than such portion of said principal as would not then be due had no default occurred), together with the costs, Trustee’s or attorney’s fees and curing any other default complained of in the Notice of Default by tendering the performance required under the obligation or Deed of Trust, at any time prior to five days before the date last set for sale. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION, PLEASE CONTACT: FIDELITY NATIONAL TITLE INSURANCE COMPANY 11000 Olson Drive Ste 101, Rancho Cordova, CA 95670, 916-636-0114 In construing this notice, the masculine gender includes the feminine and the neuter, the singular includes plural, the word “grantor” includes any successor in interest to the grantor as well as any other persons owning an obligation, the performance of which is secured by said trust deed, the words “trustee” and “beneficiary” include their respective successors in interest, if any. Dated: 9/28/2011 FIDELITY NATIONAL TITLE INSURANCE COMPANY, Signature Rachel Cissney, Authorized Signature FOR SALE INFORMATION CALL: 714-573-1965 Website for Trustee’s Sale Information: P884111 10/6, 10/13, 10/20, 10/27/2011

Clatskanie City Council MEETING NOTICE The Clatskanie City Council will meet for a regular meeting on Wednesday, Nov. 2, at 7 p.m. in the city council chambers.  Agenda items may include, but are not limited to the following:   Approval of the minutes of the Oct. 5th meeting and an update on county activities with Tony Hyde.  Executive sessions to follow the regular meeting; per ORS 192.660 (2)(d) to conduct deliberations with persons designated by the governing body to carry on labor negotiations, and per ORS 192.660 (2)(h); to consult with counsel concerning the legal rights and duties of a public body with regard to current litigation or litigation likely to be filed. If you have special needs, please contact city hall by Tuesday, Nov. 1.  An updated agenda will be available at city hall by Tuesday, Nov. 1. 10-27-c

Northwest Regional Education Service DistrictSCHOOL DISTRICTS SEEK TO IDENTIFYUNSERVED CHILDREN WITH DISABILITIES The Northwest Regional Education Service District (NWRESD) and Columbia County local school districts seek assistance in locating children with disabilities (birth through age 21) who have not graduated from high school and currently are not attending nor receiving other special education services from public schools. Oregon and federal law mandate appropriate educational services for children with disabilities. The NWRESD provides educational services for eligible children from birth to kindergarten. Local school districts provide educational programs and services for eligible children from kindergarten through high school. These services are provided as appropriate to each child’s needs and disability. Parents, guardians or others who know of a child (age five through 21*) with a disability who is not currently receiving educational services are asked to notify the special education contact person in the child’s home district (see below). District Special Education Contact PhoneSt. Helens Lori Thompson 503 366-7229Clatskanie   Mary Mitchell 503 728-0587 Scappoose Mike Judah 503 397-2959  Vernonia James Brookings 503 429-0487  Rainier Laurie Kash 503 556-9121   * For children younger than kindergarten age, please call the NWRESD Columbia Service Center at 503 366-4141.LOS DISTRITOS ESCOLARES BUSCANIDENTIFICAR A LOS NIñOS CONDISCAPACIDADES QUE NO SE ENCUENTRENRECIBIENDO SERVICIOS El Distrito de Servicio Educativo de la Región Noroeste (NWRESD) y los distritos escolares del Condado de Columbia desean ayudar a ubicar a niños con discapacidades  (recién nacidos hasta la edad de 21 años) que no se hayan graduado de la enseñanza preparatoria (educación media superior) y que actualmente no se encuentren recibiendo otros servicios de educación especial en las escuelas publicas. El Ley de Oregon y la Ley Federal ordenan que se provea servicios educativos apropiados para niños con discapacidades. El NWRESD proporciona servicios educativos desde el nacimiento hasta el kindergarten para los niños que sean elegibles. Los distritos educativos locales proveen programas educativos y servicios para los niños elegibles desde el Kindergarten hasta la Enseñanza Media Superior (Preparatoria). Estos servicios son proporcionados de acuerdo con las necesidades de cada niño y su discapacidad. Se solicita a los padres, tutores legales, u otras personas que conocen a algún niño (en edad de cinco a 21 años *) con alguna discapacidad y que no se encuentre recibiendo servicios educativos, que contacten al distrito escolar de su localidad abajo enlistados.Distrito Contacto TelefonoSt. Helens Lori Thompson 503 366-7229Clatskanie   Mary Mitchell 503 728-0587 Scappoose Mike Judah 503 397-2959  Vernonia James Brookings 503 429-0487  Rainier Laurie Kash 503 556-9121* Para niños menores de cinco años, favor de contactar al NWRESD al 503 366-4141. 10-27-c

City of Rainier Planning Commission NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING Notice is hereby given that on Tuesday, Nov. 22, at 6 p.m. a public hearing will be held before the planning commission of the City of Rainier at Rainier City Hall, 106 West B Street, to receive public testimony regarding a conditional use application submitted by Teevin Bros. Land and Timber for the placement and operation of a sixty-foot (60 feet) pier and six (6) additional mooring dolphins in and along the shoreline of the Columbia River at 29191 Dike Road, Rainier, OR 97048 within the light industrial zone (M-2) to support existing and permitted lumber yard wholesale warehousing activity currently onsite. 10-27-c

Rainier City Council PLANNING COMMISSION VACANCY The Rainier City Council is currently accepting applications for the Rainier Planning Commission.  The planning commission advises the mayor and city council  on planning, zoning, land use and development matters. Applications are available at city hall, 106 West B Street, Rainier, OR 97048 or by calling 503 556-7301. 10-27-c

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