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Flowers ‘N Fluff Marks 10-Week Bowling Bags Lead

Flowers ‘N Fluff holds tight to first place in the Bowling Bags women’s bowling league, a position the team has maintained for 10 weeks running.

Colvin’s Pub and Grill trails in second place, followed by West Mart which nudged Salisbury out of third place this week.

Colvin’s Pub and Grill struck down Split Enz 4-0, and West Mart bowled over Bling Gals 4-0. Salisbury beat Johnson Logging 3-1, and Flowers ‘N Fluff cut down Clatskanie Mini Mart 3-1.

West Mart team members Markreta “Sam” Brandt bowled the high game score of 212, and Linda DeGandi bowled the high series of 506.

As of the 12th week of play team standings are:

Team Won Lost
Flowers ‘N Fluff 32 16
Colvin’s Pub and Grill 28 20
West Mart 27 21
Salisbury 26.5 21.5
Clatskanie Mini Mart 23 25
Bling Gals 19.5 28.5
Split Enz 18 30
Johnson Logging 18 30

Scores by game were:

Split Enz: Laura Jenkins, 364; Brenda Cottrell, 288; Mary Wheeler, 342; Julie Moore, 356.

Colvin’s Pub and Grill: Melissa Greer, 357; Patty Battaglia, 299; Toni Davidson, 350; Darlene Brown, 493.

Bling Gals: Vickie Kazeck, 271; Alice Lindahl, 376; Hope McGill, 468; Wilma Sartin, 439.

West Mart: Linda DeGandi, 506; Crystal Boothe, 432; Gloryann Brace, 435; Markreta “Sam” Brandt, 493.

Johnson Logging: Earla Johnson, 435; Lisa Roman, 411; Melody Jacobson, 393; vacancy, 360.

Salisbury: Tammy Saltmarsh, 388; Jenny Warren, 406; Laura Laytham, 361; vacancy, 360.

Flowers ‘N Fluff: Carol Smith, 380; Julie Haskins, 383; Clella Johnson, 372; Gloria Crape, 444.

Clatskanie Mini Mart: Celice Carlough, 440; Trina Kynsi, 374; Marty Hooper, 375; Gloria Ahrens, 394.


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