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Rainier Girls Undefeated

Led by senior guard Kaylea Knox, who scored a total of 79 points in three games, the Rainier girls basketball team added three more victories over the past week, with wins against Knappa 63-32, Dayton 57-34 and Toutle Lake 46-36.

The Lady Columbians are undefeated so far this season after winning the championship title in the Tiger Classic Nov. 30, with victories over Gaston and Clatskanie.

In a home game Tuesday, Dec. 4, Rainier defeated Knappa 63-32, starting off with a 22-6 first quarter.

Knox scored 36 points in the game, including seven three-pointers. Jaden Thurston scored 10, with six assists. Kylee Crape had eight rebounds. Coach Doug Knox said, “Right now we are working on consistency on offense and playing good solid defense. I thought we did pretty well at that.”

Ahead 16-4 in the first quarter, the Lady Columbians were victorious in Dayton on Thursday, Dec. 6, winning 57-34. Knox continued to lead scoring with 19 points. Thurston had 11 and Crape added  nine points with 12 rebounds. Aubree Coffman scored ndine points against Dayton.

“This was a good solid road win for us. Dayton is improving each year and we went there and played pretty well. We had good scoring from four players and our defense was solid again.” stated Coach Knox.

Facing a closer battle in a home game against Toutle Lake, Rainier won 46-36 on Saturday, Dec. 8. They maintained a 3-6 point lead for most of the game, “We had a really good fourth quarter, outscoring them 11-3 to seal the win.” noted Coach Knox.

Kaylea Knox scored 24 points in the game. Jenny Westlund added six and Kylee Crape had four points and 12 rebounds.

“This was a tougher game for us. Toutle plays pretty good defense and we had trouble at times.” concluded Coach Know

The Rainier junior varsity (JV) girls triumphed 39-26 over Toutle Lake, with Alexi Hall scoring 25 points. The JV team outscored Toutle 24-5 in the second half, bringing their season to 3-0.

RHS Swim Team Busy Week Includes Astoria Meet

The Rainier High School (RHS) swim team continued its busy schedule with a trip to Astoria on Dec. 8 for the Andrew Nygaard Memorial Invitational.

Teams competing at the invitational were Seaside, Rainier, Tillamook and Astoria.

The Columbian boys placed second overall in the meet while the girls tied up fourth.

Other events and Rainier competitors’ times follow.

Boys 200-meter medley relay A team: Rainier, 2nd, 1:56.11. Swimmers were Nik Griffith, backstroke; Tyson Griffith, breaststroke; Jade Feigert, butterfly; Nathan Soule, freestyle.

Boys 200-meter medley relay B team: Rainier, 5th, 2:13.12. Swimmers were Cody Gollihugh, backstroke; Brian Guisinger, breaststroke; Nick Auvil, butterfly; Jeremiah Kramberg, freestyle.

Boys 200-meter freestyle:Auvil, 6th, 2:36.26.

Boys 200-meter individual medley: N. Griffith, 3rd, 2:37.78; T.J. Tompkins, 6th, 2:43.48.

Girls 200-meter individual medley: Jessey Dilley, 5th, 3:25.13.

Girls 50-meter freestyle: Darrian Ragsdale, 3rd, 33.84.

Boys 50-meter freestyle: Kramberg, 2nd, 25.29; Tristan Barnes, 6th, 27.54.

Girls 100-meter butterfly: Alya Womack, 5th, 1:27.88.

Boys 100-meter freestyle: Soule, 6th, 1:04.70.

Boys 500-meter freestyle: Thomas Tompkins, 3rd, 6:16.60.

Girls 200-meter freestyle relay A team: Rainier, 5th, 2:23.66. Swimmers were Ragsdale, Samantha Hallaran, Elisha Heacock and Womack.

Boys 200-yard freestyle relay A team: Rainier, 1st, 1:41.71. Swimmers were T. Griffith, Kramberg, Soule and Feigert.

Boys 200-meter freestyle relay B team: Rainier, 6th, 1:58.65. Swimmers were Barnes, Justin Kroff, T.J. Tompkins and Sean Rosian.

Boys 100-meter backstroke: N. Griffith, 2nd, 1:06.67.

Boys 100-meter breaststroke: Feigert, 1st, 1:05.65; T. Griffith, 2nd, 1:14.08.

Boys 400-meter freestyle relay A team: Rainier, 1st, 3:51.78. Swimmers were N. Griffith, Kramberg, T. Griffith and Feigert.

Boys 400-meter freestyle relay B team: Rainier, 6th, 4:38.21. Swimmers were Colby Elbert, Barnes, Larry Wallin and T. Tompkins.

RHS Swims at River City Invitational

Rainier High School (RHS) boys swim team placed second overall while the girls finsihed in seventh place at the New River City Invitational on Dec. 7. The Scappoose-hosted meet was held at Eisenschmidt Pool in St. Helens.

Other teams there were from Valley Catholic, St. Helens, The Dalles, North Marion, Scappoose, Gladstone and Rainier.

Rainier swimmers participated in the following events.

Boys 200-meter medley relay A team: 1st, 1:52.22. Swimmers were Nik Griffith, backstroke; Tyson Griffith, breaststroke; Jade Feigert, butterfly, and Jeremiah Kramberg, freestyle.

Boys 200-meter medley relay B team: 8th, 2:09.26. Swimmers were Cody Gollihugh, backstroke; Brian Guisinger, breaststroke; T.J. Tompkins, butterfly, and Tristan Barnes, freestyle.

Girls 200-meter freestyle: Alya Womack, 8th, 2:40.31; Jessey Dilley, 11th, 2:57.26.

Boys 200-meter freestyle: Nathan Soule, 6th, 2:23.62; Nick Auvil, 10th, 2:38.06.

Boys 200-meter individual medley: Tompkins, 5th, 2:45.16; Guisinger, 8th, 3:06.53.

Boys 50-meter freestyle: Kramberg, 2nd, 24.88; Barnes, 3rd, 26.40.

Boys 100-meter butterfly: Soule, 8th, 1:12.08; Sean Rosian, 9th, 1:29.95.

Boys 100-meter freestyle: Feigert, 1st, 51.17; Kramberg, 3rd, 57.73; N. Griffith, 4th, 58.00.

Boys 500-meter freestyle: Tompkins, 1st, 6:18.82; Auvil, 5th, 7:22.81.

Girls 200-meter freestyle relay A team: Rainier, 10th, 2:15.07. Swimmers were Samantha Hallaran, Dilley, Darrian Ragsdale and Womack.

Boys 200-meter freestyle relay A team: Rainier, 1st, 1:41.15. Swimmers were Griffith, Kramberg, Soule and Feigert.

Boys 200-meter freestyle relay B team: Rainier, 7th, 2:05.30. Swimmers were Justin Kroff, Rosian, Barnes and Auvil.

Boys 100-meter backstroke: N. Griffith, 3rd, 1:05.95; Gollihugh, 10th, 1:21.09; Larry Wallin, 12th, 1:31.23.

Boys 100-meter breaststroke: T. Griffith, 2nd, 1:15.56; Guisinger, 8th, 1:25.03.

Girls 400-meter freestyle relay A team: Rainier, 6th, 5:14.51. Swimmers were Ragsdale, Dilley, Allie Rasmussen and Womack.

Boys 400-meter freestyle relay A team: Rainier, 1st, 3:53.21. Swimmers were Soule, N. Griffith, Feigert and T. Griffith.

Boys 400-meter freestyle relay B team: Rainier, 4th, 4:39.19. Swimmers were Tompkins, Wallin, Auvil and Guisinger.

RHS Swim Team Competes in Tillamook

The Rainier High School (RHS) swim team earned a handful of first place finishes in the Tillamook Invitational held Dec. 1. Rainier competed against La Salle, Tillamook, Taft, Seaside, Scappoose and Astoria.

Overall, RHS boys took fourth place while the girls swimming team placed seventh.

Jade Feigert and Nik Griffith each scored first place titles at the competition.

Feigert won the boys 100-meter butterfly with a time of 58.43 seconds, and the 100-meter breaststroke at 1:04.86.  Griffith had a first place finish in the boys 100-meter freestyle with a time of 57.25 seconds, and the 100-meter backstroke which he completed in 1:05.17.

Rainier boys 200-meter medley relay A team placed second with a time of 1:58.86. Swimmers were Griffith, backstroke; T.J. Tompkins, breastsroke; Feigert, butterfly; Nathan Soule, freestyle.

Third place finishes went to Tompkins for his time of 6:19.74 in the boys 500-meter freestyle, and the boys 200-meter freestyle relay A team with a time of 1:43.15. Swimmers on the team were Griffith, Soule, Tompkins and Feigert.

Other Rainier swimming events and times were:

Girls 200-meter medley relay: Rainier A, 7th, 2:32.83.  Swimmers were Samantha Hallaran, backstroke; Acoya Windor-Moran, breaststroke; Alya Womack, butterfly; Darrian Ragsdale, freestyle.

Boys 200-meter medley relay: Rainier B, 10th, 2:30.49.94. Swimmers were Brent Moon, backstroke; Brian Guisinger, breaststroke; Nick Auvil, butterfly; Colby Elbert, freestyle.

Boys 200-meter freestyle: Nick Auvil, 8th, 2:35.26

Girls 200-meter individual medley: Windor-Moran, 10th, 3:19.47.

Boys 200-meter individual medley: Soule, 9th, 2:43.42; Sean Rosian, 12th, 3:04.09.

Girls 50-meter freestyle: Womack, 5th, 31.66; Ragsdale, 7th, 33.14.

Boys 100-meter butterfly: Feigert, 1st, 58.43; Carson Nicklous, 11th, 1:30.10.

Girls 100-meter freestyle  Ragsdale, 8th, 1:17.25.

Girls 500-meter freestyle:Womack, 9th, 7:32.38.

Boys 500-meter freestyle: Tompkins, 3rd, 6:19.74; Auvil, 6th, 7:14.68.

Girls 200-meter freestyle relay: Rainier A, 7th, 2:18.18. Swimmers were Windor-Moran, Hallaran, Ragsdale and Womack.

Boys 200-meter freestyle relay: Rainier B, 9th, 2:03.92. Swimmers were Rosian, Justin Kroff, Nicklous and Larry Wallin.

Boys 100-meter backstroke: Griffith, 1st, 1:05.17; Soule, 9th, 1:15.97.

Boys 100-meter breaststroke: Feigert, 1st, 1:04.86; Tompkins, 8th, 1:21.47; Guisinger, 12th, 1:25.22.

Boys 400-meter freestyle relay: Rainier A, 8th, 4:51.43. Swimmers were Guisinger, Auvil, Rosian and Wallin.

Boys 400-meter freestyle relay: Rainier B, 9th, 5:03.61. Swimmers were Kroff,  Elbert, Moon and Nicklous.

Rainier Wrestlers Third at Tillamook

by Carole Kelley

Rainier wrestling traveled to Tillamook to compete in an eight-team tournament on Friday, Dec. 7. The Columbians came away with third place over all and several individual place winners.

Taking the championship in their respective weight classes were Emmett Earlywine (106 pounds), Justice Larson (113), Garrett Dees (195) and Jesse Hutchins (285).

Finishing in third place were Trevor LeFebvre (120) and Oliver Bolden (152).

Ty Schmunk (152) and Tyson Lorentson (182) finished in fourth place.

In the junior varsity tournament, Rainier came away with three champions, including Josh Larson (132), Dorian Graff (182) and Jason Larson (220).

Finishing in second place for the Columbians were Jeremiah Serna (145), Jake Helton (170) and Charlie Vestal (195).

“We wrestled much better today than we did at Banks,” said Brandon Davidson, head coach.

Bowling League Underdogs Strike Down Reigning Champs this Week

Flowers ‘N Fluff, which has dominated first place in the Bowling Bags women’s bowling league for 12 weeks straight, lost some steam this week.

Johnson Logging, which has lagged behind for most of the season, bowled over the reigning champions 3-1.

Colvin’s Pub and Grill reclaimed its second place position. With three wins this week, Colvin’s tightened the gap between Flowers ‘N Fluff.

Colvin’s Pub and Grill struck down West Mart 3-1. Split Enz and Bling Gals played a close match, each winning two games. Salisbury beat Clatskanie Mini Mart 3-1.

Hope McGill bowled the high game score this week of 196 and the high series of 508.

As of the 14th week of play team standings are:

Team: Won/Lost

Flowers ‘N Fluff: 36/20

Colvin’s Pub and Grill: 32/24

Salisbury: 30.5/25.5

West Mart: 30/26

Clatskanie Mini Mart: 27/29

Bling Gals: 24.5/31.5

Split Enz: 22/34

Johnson Logging: 22/34

Scores by game were:

Colvin’s Pub and Grill: Melissa Greer, 410; Patty Battaglia, 356; Toni Davidson, 387; Darlene Brown, 506.

West Mart: Linda DeGandi, 489; Crystal Boothe, 403; Gloryann Brace, 450; Markreta “Sam” Brandt, 507.

Split Enz: Laura Jenkins, 399; Brenda Cottrell, 291; Mary Wheeler, 386; Julie Moore, 382.

Bling Gals: Colleen Wilson, 351; Vickie Kazeck, 393; Alice Lindahl, 368; Hope McGill, 508.

Salisbury: Tammy Saltmarsh, 304; Jenny Warren, 371; Laura Laytham, 449; vacancy, 360.

Clatskanie Mini Mart: Celice Carlough, 428; Marty Hooper, 373; Gloria Ahrens, 401; Diane Grumbois, 403.

Johnson Logging: Earla Johnson, 430; Lisa Roman, 410; Melody Jacobson, 374; vacancy, 360.

Flowers ‘N Fluff: Carol Smith, 357; Julie Haskins, 401; Clella Johnson, 369; Gloria Crape, 401.

Columbian Wrestlers Win at Banks

by Carole Kelley

Rainier wrestlers competed in the dual format Hank Schmidlin Memorial  Tournament held at Banks High School Dec. 5.

The six team tournament included Banks, Gladstone, Rainier, Tillamook, Vernonia and Yamhill-Carlton, with Tillamook taking the top team honors.

The Columbians wrestled against Vernonia in their opening dual, coming away with a 39-36 win. Several Rainier wrestlers won by forfeit, including Emmett Earlywine (106), Trevor LeFebvre (120), Oliver Bolden (152) and Jesse Hutchins (285).

In the wrestled matches, winners by first round fall for Rainier were Justice Larson (113) and Tyler Coulter (145). Evan Gleaves won by 3-1 decision at 220 pounds.

In the dual that followed, Rainier defeated Gladstone, 45-27. Winners by forfeit for the Columbians were Garrett Dees (195), Gleaves (220) and Hutchins (285).

Winners of wrestled matches were Earlywine (106), 2-0 decision, Ethan Harrel (126), Bolden (152), Derek Clark (170), and Tyson Lorentson (182), all by first round fall.

In their final dual of the event, the Columbians were defeated by team champion Tillamook, 64-13. Rainier won three matches that included Earlywine (106), 21-8 major decision; LeFebvre (120), first round fall, and Dees (195), 4-1 decision.




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