December, 2012

Kramer Heads to New York for “Super Grands” Tournament

KENNY KRAMER OF CLATSKANIE will be taking his Kung Fu skills to Buffalo, N.Y. on Dec. 26 to participate in the 23rd annual Super Grands World Games, sponsored by the National Blackbelt League. Kramer will be participating in the continuous sparring event in the junior heavy-weight division.

Kramer, has been training at the Longview Academy of Kung Fu for two and a half years and expects to receive his black belt in January. He was invited to the Super Grands tournament after his participation in regional tournaments earned him a fifth place ranking in the western United States. 

Kramer will compete along with regionally ranked martial artists from across the US, Mexico, Canada, Guatemala and Panama.                              Chief Photo by Amanda Moravec

Flowers ‘N Fluff Dominates Women’s Bowling League

Flowers ‘N Fluff continues to dominate the Bowling Bags women’s bowling league, holding the top spot for 14 out of 16 weeks this season.

Colvin’s Pub and Grill trails in second place, followed by West Mart which nudged Salisbury out of third place last week and tightened its grip on second this week.

Following are bowling league scores reflecting the past two weeks of play.

Scores for 15th Week

Johnson Logging beat Split Enz 3-1, and Bling Gals topped Salisbury 3-1.

West Mart and Clatskanie Mini Mart played a tight match, as well as Colvin’s Pub and Grill and Flowers ‘N Fluff, each winning two games.

Hope McGill bowled the high game score this week of 190 and the high series of 520.

Team standings for the 15th week of play are:

Team: Won/Lost

Flowers ‘N Fluff: 38/22

Colvin’s Pub and Grill: 34/26

West Mart: 32/28

Salisbury: 31.5/28.5

Clatskanie Mini Mart: 29/31

Bling Gals: 27.5/32.5

Johnson Logging: 25/35

Split Enz: 23/37

Scores by game were:

Johnson Logging: Earla Johnson, 439; Lisa Roman, 400; Melody Jacobson, 447; vacancy, 360.

Split Enz: Laura Jenkins, 375; Brenda Cottrell, 291; Mary Wheeler, 368; Julie Moore, 434.

West Mart: Linda DeGandi, 469; Crystal Boothe, 461; Gloryann Brace, 402; Markreta “Sam” Brandt, 477.

Clatskanie Mini Mart: Celice Carlough, 426; Trina Kynsi, 380; Marty Hooper, 424; Gloria Ahrens, 376.

Colvin’s Pub and Grill: Melissa Greer, 405; Patty Battaglia, 365; Toni Davidson, 374; Darlene Brown, 407.

Flowers ‘N Fluff: Carol Smith, 415; Julie Haskins, 434; Clella Johnson, 369; Gloria Crape, 419.

Salisbury: Norma Mitchell, 401; Tammy Saltmarsh, 351; Jenny Warren, 389; vacancy, 360.

Bling Gals: Colleen Wilson, 345; Vickie Kazeck, 325; Alice Lindahl, 417; Hope McGill, 520.

Scores for 16th Week

Colvin’s Pub and Grill bowled over Salisbury 3-1, and Split Enz beat Clatskanie Mini Mart 3-1.

Close matches were played by Flowers ‘N Fluff and Bling Gals, and Johnson Logging and West Mart, which split 2-2.

For the third week in a row, Hope McGill of Bling Gals held the high score. She bowled the high game score of 203 and the high series of 529.

Team standings currently are:

Team: Won/Lost

Flowers ‘N Fluff: 40/24

Colvin’s Pub and Grill: 37/27

West Mart: 34/30

Salisbury: 32.5/31.5

Clatskanie Mini Mart: 30/34

Bling Gals: 29.5/34.5

Johnson Logging: 27/37

Split Enz: 26/38

Scores by game were:

Flowers ‘N Fluff: Carol Smith, 345; Julie Haskins, 447; Clella Johnson, 343; Gloria Crape, 472.

Bling Gals: Colleen Wilson, 373; Vickie Kazeck, 282; Alice Lindahl, 431; Hope McGill, 529.

Colvin’s Pub and Grill: Melissa Greer, 412; Toni Davidson, 359; Darlene Brown, 425; Diane Grumbois, 390.

Salisbury: Norma Mitchell, 402; Tammy Saltmarsh, 312; Wilma Sartin, 425; vacancy, 360.

Split Enz: Laura Jenkins, 377; Brenda Cottrell, 298; Mary Wheeler, 341; Julie Moore, 444.

Clatskanie Mini Mart: Celice Carlough, 438; Trina Kynsi, 359; Marty Hooper, 433; Gloria Ahrens, 387.

Johnson Logging: Earla Johnson, 367; Lisa Roman, 428; Melody Jacobson, 368; vacancy, 360.

West Mart: Linda DeGandi, 436; Crystal Boothe, 406; Gloryann Brace, 416; Markreta “Sam” Brandt, 477.

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