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CHS Track Grabs Second Place at Four-way

The Clatskanie High School boys and girls track and field teams both finished in second place at the De La Salle four-way meet on Thursday, April 11.

Other schools taking part included Oregon Episcopal, Corbett and De La Salle North Catholic.

Grabbing double first-place spots were Tiger Sawyer Weldon in the shot put and javelin, and Lady Tiger Carly Lannan in the discus and shot put.

Other Clatskanie event participants included the following.

Clatskanie Boys Results

100 meters: Chris Puckett, 2nd, 11.92; David Adkinson, 6th, 12.46; Tyler Johnson, 12.72.

200 meters: Puckett, 3rd, 25.02; Adkinson, 9th, 26.55.

400 meters: Puckett, 2nd, 56.41.

800 meters: Jacob Kent, 3rd, 2:32.04; Alex Gaylin, 8th, 2:45.37; Austin Deanhardt, 9th, 2:46.18; Drexler Martin, 10th, 2:47.09.

1500 meters: Kent, 4th, 5:11.30; Gaylin, 8th, 5:33.47; Jack Muesdorffer, 9th, 5:34.22; Martin, 5:34.86; Tommy Miller, 6:53.19.

3000 meters: Deanhardt, 3rd, 12:20.05; Miller, 5th, 15:07.25.

110-meter hurdles: Jordan Knutson, 2nd, 21.62.

300-meter hurdles: Knutson, 4th, 49.59.

4×400-meter relay: Clatskanie, 3rd, 4:32. Runners were Kent, Martin, Gaylin and Muesdorffer.

Shot put: Sawyer Weldon, 1st, 36’6.5”; Chase Gorman, 3rd, 35’2”.

Discus: Gorman, 1st, 92’3”; Weldon, 2nd, 91’5”; Ryan Froke, 4th, 83’4”; Adkinson, 8th, 74’11”; Brandyn Brownfield, 52’11”.

Javelin: Weldon, 1st, 139’4”; Gorman, 6th, 106’8”; Jordan Sukeforth, 7th, 106’7”; Adkinson, 10th, 95’6”; Gaylin, 90’; Brownfield, 75’10”; Froke, 73’10”; Kent, 69’7”; Deanhardt, 68’8”.

High jump: Johnson, 1st, 5’8”; Sukeforth, 3rd, 5’4”; Knutson, 4th, 5’2”.

Long jump: Sukeforth, 2nd, 18’1”; Johnson, 5th, 17’7”; Knutson, 16’10”.

Triple jump: Sukeforth, 4th, 34’1”; Johnson, 5th, 34’.

Clatskanie Girls Results

100 meters: Jewell Penn, 6th, 14.47; Alyssa Moore, 8th, 14.68; Caitlin Ives, 9th, 14.70; Danielle Berntsen, 14.90; Saige Anderson, 15.60.

200 meters: Berntsen, 34rd, 30.39; Penn, 4th, 30.43; Anderson, 8th, 31.87.

400 meters: Berntsen, 2nd, 1:10.06.

800 meters: Lynn Siltala, 3rd, 2:47.20; Morgann Cobb, 8th, 3:14.78; Taryn Clappé, 9th, 3:17.66.

1500 meters: Clappé, 7th, 6:30.61; Cobb, 8th, 6:34.50.

3000 meters: Siltala, 1st, 13:38.00.

100-meter hurdles: Alyssa Moore, 1st, 18.31; Ives, 4th, 20.79.

300-meter hurdles: Moore, 2nd, 57.25.

4×100-meter relay: Clatskanie, 3rd, 56.46. Runners were Penn, Anderson, Berntsen and Ives.

Shot put: Carley Lannan, 1st, 36’3”; Maegan Hunter, 3rd, 26’9”; Cecelia Nelson, 6th, 19’9.5”.

Discus: Lannan, 1st, 100’9”; Hunter, 2nd 81’1”; Ives, 6th, 62’11”; Nelson, 9th, 49’8”.

Javelin: Hunter, 2nd, 97’4”; Lannan, 4th, 78’; Siltala, 5th, 77’10”; Clappé, 10th, 57’3”.

High jump: Moore, 6th, 3’10”.

Long jump: Penn, 8th, 11’5”; Nelson, 10th, 10’7”.

Triple jump: Anderson, 2nd, 25’10”; Nelson, 3rd, 21’4”.

Competition Heats Up as BB Season Ends

West Mart and Flowers ‘N Fluff volley for first place as the season of Bowling Bags women’s bowling league comes to a close next week.

The comeback for Flowers ‘N Fluff last week was short-lived – quickly pushed back into second place as West Mart reclaimed the lead with its 4-0 win over Salisbury.

Flowers ‘N Fluff beat Split Enz 3-1, and Johnson Logging topped Bling Gals 3-1.

Clatskanie Mini Mart and Colvin’s Pub and Grill swapped places this week. Mini Mart beat Colvin’s 3-1, rising to third while Colvin’s slipped to fourth.

Linda DeGandi of West Mart bowled the high game score this week of 220 and the high series of 556.

Current team standings are:

Team: Wins/Losses

West Mart:   36/24

Flowers ‘N Fluff:   35/25

Clats. Mini Mart:   33/27

Colvin’s Pub & Grill:   32/28

Johnson Logging:   32/28

Bling Gals:   28/32

Salisbury:   22/38

Split Enz:   22/38

Scores by game were:

West Mart: Linda DeGandi, 556; Crystal Boothe, 408; Gloryann Brace, 426; Sam Brandt, 471. Salisbury: Norma Mitchell, 360; Tammy Saltmarsh, 364; Jenny Warren, 377; vacancy, 360.Flowers ‘N Fluff: Carol Smith, 395; Julie Haskins, 461; Clella Johnson, 375; Gloria Crape, 461. Split Enz: Laura Jenkins, 375; Brenda Cottrell, 294; Mary Wheeler, 360; Julie Moore, 505. Clatskanie Mini Mart: Celice Carlough, 478; Trina Kynsi, 354; Marty Hooper, 389; Gloria Ahrens, 453.Colvin’s Pub and Grill: Melissa Greer, 368; Toni Davidson, 379; Darlene Brown, 472; Patty Battaglia, 337. Johnson Logging: Earla Johnson, 430; Lisa Roman, 375; Melody Jacobson, 397; vacancy, 360. Bling Gals: Colleen Wilson, 330; Vickie Kazeck, 293; Alice Lindahl, 360; Hope McGill, 465.

Columbians Compete at Meet of Champions

Several members of the Rainier High School (RHS) track and field team qualified to participate in the Oregon “Meet of Champions” held Saturday, April 13, at Willamette University in Salem.

The meet featured athletes from over 50 schools across the state, in school size catergories from 1-4A.

Columbian sprinter Devon Marshall, who continues to lead the state’s 3A schools in the 200 and 400-meter races, brought home first place in both those races.

RHS results in the meet’s finals were as follow:

200 meters: Devon Marshall, 1st, 22.86; Clay Wimmer, 10th, 23.80; Devyn Heflin, 24.06.

400 meters: Marshall, 1st, 50.13.

800 meters: Brian Guisinger, 2:12.03.

4×100-meter relay: Rainier, 4th, 45.03. Runners were Wimmer, Heflin, Parker Dean and Marshall.

4×400-meter relay: Rainier, 4th, 3:37.88. Runners were Wimmer, Heflin, Guisinger and Marshall.

Javelin: Cody Gollihugh, 142’3”.

Local Track and Field Teams Have Busy Schedule Last Week

Local high school track and field teams kept up a busy pace last week traveling to St. Helens on Saturday, April 13, to compete in the Lower Columbia Invitational.

Team members from both Clatskanie and Rainier high schools took part in the meet, along with a number of schools of all size classifications from across Oregon.

Event finals, times and participants follow.

Clatskanie Boys Results

400 meters: David Adkihnson, 1:04.73; Alex Gaylin, 1:07.18.

800 meters: Drexler Martin, 2:47.39; Gaylin, 2:56.78.

1500 meters: Jacob Kent, 5:19.62; Martin, 5:38.74; Austin Deanhardt, 6:08.72.

3000 meters: Kent, 11:06.87; Gaylin, 12:09.17; Deanhardt, 12:18.08.

300-meter hurdles: Jordan Knutson, 52.41.

4×100-meter relay: Clatskanie, 5th, 47.52. Runners were Adkinson, Colten Puzey, Codi
Blodgett and Chris Puckett.

4×400-meter relay: Clatskanie, 4:17.22. Runners were Puckett, Adkinson, Tyler Johnson and Martin.

Shot put: Sawyer Weldon, 38’1”; Ryan Froke, 28’8”.

Discus: Froke, 81’5”; Adkinson, 75’5”.

Javelin: Weldon, 7th, 130’; Jordan Sukeforth, 112’8”; Brandyn Brownfield, 86’3”.

Long jump: Sukeforth, 16’10”; Jordan Knutson, 14’8.5”; Tyler Johnson, 14’4.5”.

Clatskanie Girls Results

400 meters: Danielle Berntsen, 1:10.54; Saige Anderson, 1:13.03; Morgann Cobb, 1:20.77.

800 meters: Taryn Clappé, 3:16.39; Daysia Trump, 3:31.78.

1500 meters: Lynn Siltala, 6:09.53; Trump, 7:58.36.

3000 meters: Siltala, 10th, 12:50.1; Clappé, 14:20.37.

100-meter hurdles: Alyssa Moore, 7th, 18.16.

300-meter hurdles: Moore, 57.05.

4×100-meter relay: Clatskanie, 57.24. Runners were Jewell Penn, Berntsen, Caitlin Ives and Anderson.

4×400-meter relay: Clatskanie, 5:00.35. Runners were Berntsen, Anderson, Moore and Cobb.

Shot put: Carley Lannan, 1st, 37’11.5”; Cecelia Nelson, 20’5”.

Discus: Lannan, 2nd, 93’11”; Ives, 66’; Nelson, 45’7”.

Javelin: Siltala, 71’4”; Lannan, 70’8”; Clappé, 59’8”.

Long jump: Penn, 11’8”.

Triple jump: Anderson, 27’2”.

Rainier Boys Results

400 meters: Simeon Koenig, 59.64.

800 meters: Alex Gates, 2:26.22; Logan Crawford, 2:43.47.

1500 meters: Jared Thomas, 5:13.65; Gates, 5:19.35; Crawford, 5:44.41.

3000 meters: Thomas 11:18.77.

300-meter hurdles: Koenig, 49.05; Nathan Soule, 53.32.

Shot put: Alex Hisey, 10th, 39’3.5”; Jeremiah Kramberg, 32’11”; Joseph Loidhamer, 28’11”.

Discus: Loidhamer, 100’7”; Eric Hackenberg, 83’3”; Hisey, 82’7”.

Javelin: Thomas, 86’2”; Julio Belo, 60’2”.

Rainier Girls Results

100 meters: Jubilie Jefferson, 14.86.

200 meters: Jefferson, 30.80.

400 meters: Megan Crawford, 1:10.01; Monica Guisinger, 1:17.16.

800 meters: Crawford, 2:53.47; Guisinger, 3:02.03.

1500 meters: Lauren Shroll, 6:22.09.

Shot put: Alya Womack, 6th, 27’9”; Allison Hisey, 23’11”; Elisha Heacock, 22’11.5”.

Discus: Womack, 3rd, 89’8”; Paige Mogray, 67’2”; Amanda Lilya, 52’11”.

Javelin: Megan Masterson, 66’2”; Hisey, 42’6”.

Long jump: Brooke Cole, 11’.05”; Desiree Barnard, 8’11”.

RHS Track Hosts 4-Way Dual

Rainier High School track and field hosted a four-way dual meet on April 11. The Columbian boys team went undefeated topping Warrenton 91-51, Valley Catholic 90-50 and Catlin Gabel 88-50. The Lady Columbians defeated Warrenton 56-37, but lost to Valley Catholic and Catlin Gabel.

Rainier Boys Results

100 meters: Devon Marshall, 1st, 11.14; Devyn Heflin, 11.40; Parker Dean, 12.42.

200 meters: Clay Wimmer, 23.89; Dean, 24.78; Simeon Koenig, 24.96.

400 meters: Wimmer, 1st, 53.27; Alex Gates, 61.11.

800 meters: Jared Thomas, 2:31.81; Gates, 2:32.52.

1500 meters: Brian Guisinger, 4:49.08; Thomas, 4:59.08.

110-meter hurdles: Nathan Soule, 1st, 18.99; Cody Gollihugh, 2nd, 19.64.

300-meter hurdles: Heflin, 1st, 44.55; Koenig, 9.11, Soule, 51.0.

4×100-meter relay: Rainier, 1st, 44.98. Runners were Wimmer, Heflin, Dean and Marshall.

4×400-meter relay: Rainier, 1st, 3:42.74. Runners were Koenig, Guisinger, Wimmer and Marshall.

Shot put: Alex Hisey, 1st, 40’4”; Jeremiah Kramberg, 34’1.5”; Eric Hackemberg, 33’4”; Brent Moon, 25’1.5”; Austen Beaulieu, 18’9”.

Discus: Gollihugh, 101’4”; Joseph Loidhamer, 99’6”; Bailey Heacock, 83’; Hackenberg, 80’3”; Kramberg, 77’; Hisey, 72’.25”.

Javelin: Gollihugh, 1st, 148’; Thomas, 95’; Loidhamer, 76’7”; Hisey, 74’7”; Moon, 69’1”; Beaulieu, 63’4”.

High jump: Marshall, 5’6”.

Pole vault: Soule, 9’; Heacock, 8’6”.

Long jump: Heflin, 18’; Guisinger, 16’8”; Kramberg, 12’; Dakota Dean, 11’.

Rainier Girls Results

200 meters: Makenzie Jahn, 29.52; Jubilie Jefferson, 30.37.

400 meters: Jahn, 1st, 66.43.

800 meters: Megan Crawford, 2:52.68; Monica Guisinger, 3:05.0.

1500 meters: Lauren Shroll, 6:15.34.

4×100-meter relay: Rainier, 3rd, 56.65. Runners were Megan Masterson, Jahn, Crawford and Jefferson.

4×400-meter relay: Rainier, 3rd, 4:46.14. Runners were Crawford, Guisinger, Jefferson and Jahn.

Shot put: Alya Womack, 27’1”; Amanda Lilya, 25’5”; Paige Mogray, 24’2”; Masterson, 23’8”; Allison Hisey, 21’7.5”; Elisha Heacock, 21’7”; Carrissa Daniels, 19’2”.

Discus: Womack, 1st, 83’6.5”; Mogray, 78’10”; Masterson, 57’; Hisey, 48’9.5”; Lilya 41’2.5”.

Javelin: Masterson, 64’1”; Hisey, 63’1”; Brooke Cole, 46’10”; Shroll, 31’4”.

High jump: Cole, 3’10”; Daniels, 3’8”.

Long jump: Cole, 10’9”; Desiree Barnard, 9’6”; Heacock, 9’2”.

Rainier Beats Clatskanie in 7th Inning Rally

In a classic pitchers’ duel, the game was tied 1-1 in the top of the seventh inning when Rainier High School (RHS) took advantage of two Tiger errors to score twice and win 3-1 on Clatskanie High School’s (CHS) home field Tuesday, April 16.

The game was zero-all until the Tigers scored a run in the bottom of the fourth off a hit by Nick Donaldson.

RHS answered with a single run in the top of the fifth. Clatskanie errors gave RHS the victory as the Columbians crossed home plate twice in the seventh.

Clatskanie’s Colten Puzey and Shaine Warren each stole bases. Micah McLeod hit a double.

Mica Karber pitched all seven innings for CHS and struck-out five Columbians.

For Rainier, Ethan Langley and Wes Tripp each had a run-batted-in (RBI). Adam Langley stole one base.

RHS pitcher Nayt Taylor allowed only two Tiger hits.

Rainier travels to R.A. Long on Wednesday, April 17, and hosts Catlin Gabel on Friday, April 19.

On Friday, April 19, Clatskanie hosts Corbett.

Rainier Falls to Valley Catholic

After leading in the early innings, Rainier High School’s baseball team fell 2-8 to Valley Catholic on Monday, April 15.

The Columbians scored once in the first inning and again in the third.

Valley tied the game 2-2 in the fourth, then scored three runs in the sixth and three more in the seventh.

Jordan Brittain got Rainier’s only run-batted-in.

Oliver Bolden hit a double and two singles.

Bolden pitched the loss, despite striking out 12.

Tigers Crush Warrenton 15-1

In a 15-1 landslide victory, Clatskanie High School pitcher German George celebrated his 16th birthday by striking out nine Warrenton batters on Monday, April 15.

The game was called after six innings and George allowed only two hits. He had four runs-batted-in (RBI) and two doubles.

Micah McLeod had a two-run double. Shaine Warren made two hits.

Mica Karber had a double.

The following captions were printed along with their photos in the April 18, 2013 of The Clatskanie Chief:

Marshall Sprints to Finish Line

RAINIER HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR Devon Marshall sprints to a first place finish in the 400-meter finals of the “Meet of Champions” held in Salem on April 13. Marshall has posted the top times in the state for 3A school runners in both the 400 and 200 meters this season. Photo courtesy of Andrew Mott

Weldon Tosses Discus for CHS

TIGER THROWER SAWYER WELDON tosses the discus at a league opening meet April 11 at the De La Salle North Catholic track. Weldon picked up a first place in the javelin with a throw of 139’4” and second place in the discus. Photo courtesy of Tim VanVoorst

RHS Cheerleaders Honored

CELEBRATING THEIR 2012-13 STATE CHEERLEADING CHAMPIONSHIP, members of the Rainier High School cheerleading squad attended the unveiling Saturday of a commemorative placard along Highway 30 in Rainier. Rainier Mayor Jerry Cole presided over the event. Chief Photo by Molly Wehrley

Paradiso Stretches for Out

MISSING THE SAFETY OF FIRST BASE by one step is Rainier’s Charlie Vestal as Clatskanie first baseman, Beau Paradiso, swings around for the tag-out during the third inning of a Tiger-hosted Lewis and Clark League baseball game on Tuesday, April 16. Rainier won the contest by a score of 3-1. Chief Photo by Carole Kelley

RHS’ Gibson Scores Against Lady Tigers

SLIDING SAFELY THROUGH HOME PLATE to score one of Rainier’s 10 runs is Lady Columbian Jessica Gibson as Clatskanie’s Kacy Strong scrambles to retrieve the ball during the second inning of a Lady Tiger hosted Lewis and Clark League softball game on Tuesday, April 16. Rainier defeated Clatskanie, 10-0 in five innings. Chief Photo by Carole Kelley





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