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CHS Track/Field Travels to Invite

Taking part in the Portland Christian Invitational, along with 18 other teams, Tiger track and field traveled to Portland on April 27.

Results for the Clatskanie boys included the following:

100 meters: Chris Puckett, 12.20.

200 meters: Puckett, 9th, 24.82.

400 meters: Puckett, 58.34; Jack Muesdorffer, 1:02.25.

800 meters: Alex Gaylin, 2:47.24; Austin Deanhardt, 2:49.68.

1500 meters: Drexler Marti, 5:19.33; Gaylin, 5:25.37.

3000 meters: Martin, 11:30.74; Muesdorffer, 14.34.29.

300-meter hurdles: Jordan Sukeforth, 53.54.

Shot put: Sawyer Weldon, 38’; Chase Gorman, 32’3.5”.

Discus: Ryan Froke, 83’3”; Gorman, 63’2”.

Javelin: Weldon, 5th, 134’6”; Sukeforth, 93’9”.

High jump: Sukeforth, 8th, 5’4”.

Long jump: Puckett, 16’8.5’; Sukeforth, 16’5.75’.

Results from the girls team  included the following:

100 meters: Jewell Penn, 14.43; Caitlin Ives, 14.60.

200 meters: Danielle Berntsen, 9th, 29.84; Morgann Cobb, 33.97.

400 meters: Berntsen, 6th, 1:07.59; Cobb, 1:18.13.

800 meters: Lynn Siltala, 2:55.04; Taryn Clappé, 3:03.22.

1500 meters: Siltala, 9th, 5:48.85.

3000 meters: Clappé, 14.56.12.

100-meter hurdles: Alyssa Moore, 6th, 18.42; Ives, 10th, 20,17.

300-meter hurdles: Ives, 10th, 55.47; Moore, 57.07.

4×100-meter relay: Clatskanie, 6th, 54.73. Runners were Ives, Berntsen, Penn and Moore.

4×400-meter relay: Clatskanie, 7th, 4:58.85. Runners were Siltala, Moore, Penn and Berntsen.

Shot put: Carley Lannan, 2nd, 37’.05”; Maegan Hunter, 26’6.5”.

Discus: Lannan, 5th, 99’10’; Hunter, 8th, 81’11”.

Javelin: Hunter, 4th, 96’2”; Siltala, 10th, 81’.

Long jump: Penn, 12’5.75”; Cecelia Nelson, 10’9”.

Triple jump: Clappé, 22’1.75”.

RHS Boys Top 4-Way Track Meet

Rainier High School (RHS) boys track and field topped all teams in a four-way meet which included Warrenton, De La Salle-North Catholic and Oregon Episcopal School on April 25 in Portland.

The Columbian boys 4×100-meter and 4×400-meter relay teams finished in first place, along with numerous individual team members.

RHS team member results included the following.

Boys Results

100 meters: Parker Dean, 4th, 11.60; Clay Wimmer, 5th, 11.65; Simeon Koenig, 9th, 11.94; Cody Gollihugh, 12.13; Joseph Loidhamer, 13.14.

200 meters: Koenig, 4th, 24.33; P. Dean, 7th, 25.16; Brian Guisinger, 10th, 25.29; Bryce Moon, 27.15.

400 meters: Wimmer, 1st, 53.67.

800 meters: Alex Gates, 6th, 2:26.94.

1500 meters: Guisinger, 2nd, 4.44.82; Jared Thomas, 4th, 5:05.44; Gates, 5th, 5:13.76; Logan Crawford, 7th, 5:35.38.

3000 meters: Thomas, 2nd, 11:06.93.

110-meter hurdles: Nathan Soule, 6th, 20.48; Eric Hackenberg, 7th, 24.54.

300-meter hurdles: Devyn Heflin, 1st, 42.74; Koenig, 5th, 48.25; Soule, 8th, 53.53.

4×100-meter relay: Rainier, 1st, 44.58. Runners were Wimmer, Heflin, P. Dean and Devon Marshall.

4×400-meter relay: Rainier, 1st, 3:46.88. Runners were Koenig, Gates, Guisinger and Thomas.

Shot put: Alex Hisey, 2nd, 43’11.5”; P. Dean, 8th, 35’; John Walker, 10th, 32’1”; Hackenberg, 31’8.5”; Loidhamer, 28’5.5”; Moon, 26’.05”; Harlan Williams, 21’5”; Austen Beaulieu, 20’.05”.

Discus: Loidhamer, 3rd, 106’1”; Gollihugh, 4th, 99’7”; Hisey, 5th, 95’; Hackenberg, 10th, 81’10”; Dakota Dean, 46’10”.

Javelin: Gollihugh, 1st, 155’4”; Thomas, 9th, 96’5”; Julio Belo, 86’9”; Loidhamer, 70’7”; Moon, 64’4”; Williams, 60’1”; Beaulieu, 56’4”.

High jump: Heflin, 4th, 5’6”; Marshall, 5th, 5’6”; Walker, 6th, 5’4”.

Pole vault: Soule, 1st, 10’.

Long jump: Marshall, 2nd, 19’5”; D. Dean, 11’6”.

Triple jump: Marshall, 1st, 39’3”; Soule, 5th, 35’10”; Walker, 9th, 30’5”.

Girls Results

200 meters: Megan Crawford, 5th, 32.45.

400 meters: Crawford, 2nd, 1:08.47; Monica Guisinger, 6th, 1:21.63.

800 meters: Crawford, 3rd, 2:55.41.

1500 meters: Guisinger, 8th, 6:54.50.

Shot put: Alya Womack, 3rd, 26’6”; Megan Masterson, 6th, 25’7”; Elisha Heacock, 9th, 24’1”; Amanda Lilya, 10th, 24’.05”; Paige Mogray, 23’5”; Allison Hisey, 22’6.5”; Carrissa Daniels, 20’9”.

Discus: Womack, 1st, 88’6”; Mogray, 7th, 71’; Heacock, 8th, 66’9”; Daniels, 56’3”; Masterson, 54’; Hisey, 49’3”; Lilya, 48’2”.

Javelin: Masterson, 6th, 73’7”; Hisey, 7th, 64’5”; Brooke Cole, 46’11”.

High jump: Daniels, 5th, 4’.

Long jump: Cole, 10th, 11’2”; Heacock, 10’5”; Desiree Barnard, 9’4”.

Tigers Win 1 DH; Split 2nd

The Clatskanie High School (CHS) Tigers shutout Catlin Gabel twice in a doubleheader on Friday, April 26, winning 5-0 and 18-0.

In game one, three Tiger pitchers allowed Catlin Gabel only three hits. German George got the win, striking out four over three innings.

At the plate, Kyle Sharek had a triple and Shaine Warren had a run-batted-in (RBI) single.

CHS won the second game 18-0. Together Micah McLeod and Shaine Warren pithed a five-inning no-hitter.

Mica Karber was 3 for 5 at the plate with a home run and six RBIs. Colten Puzey, Shaine Warren, Nick Donaldson had two hits each.

Tiger Split Doubleheader 

CHS split a home field doubleheader with Warrenton on Tuesday, April 30.

The Tigers jumped out to an early lead in the first and never looked back. CHS won 13-1 in 5 innings.

George only allowed Warrenton one hit in four innings and struck out nine batters.

At the plate, Mica Karber had two hits and Colten Puzey and Trevor Berg each had doubles.

In game two, CHS only managed four hits and stranded seven runners on base.

Mica Karber pitched the loss.

On Wednesday, April 24, CHS hosted Horizon Christian and lost 0-11.

The Tigers travel to Rainier for a doubleheader on Friday, May 3. The game starts at 3:30.

Tiger Track and Field Competes at Four-Way Catlin Gabel Meet

Clatskanie High School track and field throwers, both boys and girls, placed well at a four-way meet, which included Valley Catholic, Corbett and Catlin Gabel, on April 25 as numerous athletes placed in the top five.

Results of the meet, which was held in Portland, included the following.

Boys Results

100 meters: Chris Puckett, 1st, 11.95; Colten Puzey, 2nd, 12.20; Jordan Sukeforth, 6th, 12.54; David Adkinson, 10th, 12.60; Nui Labat, 12.89.

200 meters: Puckett, 2nd, 24.39; Puzey, 3rd, 25.19; Labat, 8th, 26.72.

400 meters: Jacob Kent, 9th, 1:04.05; Alex Gaylin, 1:10.18.

800 meters: Jack Muesdorffer, 6th, 2:35.86; Gaylin, 2:47.67; Austin Deanhardt, 2:56.16; Tommy Miller, 3:23.07.

1500 meters: Drexler Martin, 5:33.27; Deanhardt, 6:04.45; Muesdorffer, 6:09.57; Miller, 7:01.36.

3000 meters: Martin, 9th, 11.31.41; Kent, 11:44.16; Gaylin, 12:52.28.

110-meter hurdles: Jordan Knutson, 4th, 20.08.

300-meter hurdles: Knutson, 4th, 50.10.

4×100-meter relay: Clatskanie, 1st, 46.31. Runners were Cedet Bailey, Puzey, Adkinson and Puckett.

4×400-meter relay: Clatskanie, 3rd, 3:48.20. Runners were Kyle Sharek, Puzey, Bailey and Puckett.

Shot put: Chase Gorman, 1st, 41’5”; Sawyer Weldon, 2nd, 40’; Bailey, 5th, 34’2”; Ryan Froke, 9th, 30’6.5”; Miller, 26’4.5”; Brandyn Brownfield, 25’7”.

Discus: Gorman, 2nd, 93’11”; Froke, 6th, 82’9”; Weldon, 7th, 82’; Brownfield, 72’5”; Adkinson, 63’2”; Deanhardt, 54’.

Javelin: Weldon, 1st, 144’8”; Gorman, 4th, 114’10”; Sukeforth, 7th, 105’2”; Adkinson, 84’9”; Kent, 77’1”; Brownfield, 67’6”; Froke, 64’9”; Deanhardt, 64’8”.

High jump: Kyle Sharek, 1st, 5’6”; Sukeforth, 3rd, 5’4”; Knutson, 5th, 5’.

Long jump: Sharek, 2nd, 18’2”; Labat, 5th, 16’10.5”; Sukeforth, 7th, 16’7”; Knutson, 8th, 16’5”.

Triple jump: Sharek, 3rd, 36’2”; Labat, 5th, 33’10”.

Girls Results

100 meters: Jewell Penn, 7th, 14.31; Caitlin Ives, 10th, 14.48; Morgann Cobb, 15.79; Daysia Trump, 16.78.

200 meters: Danielle Berntsen, 7th, 29.97; Ives 8th, 30.03; Cobb, 33.58; Trump, 38.67.

400 meters: Berntsen, 5th, 1:09.9; Cobb, 9th, 1:20.83; Trump, 1:23.65.

800 meters: Lynn Siltala, 5th, 2:46.77; Saige Anderson, 6th, 2:49.09.

1500 meters: Taryn Clappé, 8th, 6:32.07.

3000 meters: Siltala, 5th, 13:01.98; Clappé, 6th, 15:19.4.

100-meter hurdles: Alyssa Moore, 1st, 17.85.

300-meter hurdles: Moore, 5th, 56.46.

4×100-meter relay: Clatskanie, 58.08. Runners were Penn, Ives, Moore and Berntsen.

4×400-meter relay: Clatskanie, 3rd, 4:47.44. Runners were Anderson, Penn, Berntsen and Moore.

Shot put: Maegan Hunter, 3rd, 26’4.5”; Cecelia Nelson, 8th, 18’3”.

Discus: Hunter, 1st, 80’1”; Ives, 5th, 61’4”; Nelson, 7th, 50’11”; Trump, 32’4”.

Javelin: Hunter, 1st, 94’7”; Siltala, 5th, 76’1”; Clappé, 8th, 62’; Anderson, 53’9”.

Long jump: Penn, 4th, 13’5.25”; Nelson, 10th, 11’6.25”; Zia Wiles, 10’5”.

Triple jump: Anderson, 6th, 26’2”; Nelson, 8th, 22’8.5”; Wiles, 9th, 21’4.5”.

RHS Wins Two, Loses Two

The Rainier High School (RHS) Columbians traveled to Warrenton High School (WHS) and won both sides of a doubleheader Friday, April 26, in varsity baseball action, 7-3 in the first game and 14-7 in the second.

On Tuesday, April 30, the Columbians lost both games of a doubleheader at Valley Catholic, 0-11 and 2-7.

Rainier held Warrenton scoreless for the first five innings, while scoring single runs in the second, third and fourth. RHS made three runs in the top of the sixth taking the score to 6-0. WHS answered with their only three points of the game. Rainier scored one more in the seventh for a final score of 7-3.

Oliver Bolden hit two runs-batted-in (RBIs) and had one double. Wes Tripp had one RBI, two doubles.

Bolden struck out 12 batters for the win.

In the second game, RHS had one run in the first inning, but WHS answered with two. The third inning was scoreless, but Rainier came up with two in the third. In the bottom of the third, Warrenton tied the game 3-3.

In the fifth, the Warriors took a solid lead with four runs. The Columbians fought to within one point with three runs in the sixth for a score of 6-7.

Rainier then ran away with eight runs in the top of the seventh and WHS failed to cross home plate again.

Adam Langley had three RBIs. Bolden, Charlie Vestal, Evan Gleaves, Carson Nicklous, Jeff Tripp, Austin Robb-Farvour and Nick Hanks each contributed one RBI.

Bolden stole three bases. Wes Tripp, Gleaves, Nicklous, Jeff Tripp, Langley and Robb-Farvour each stole one.

Nayt Taylor pitched the win, striking out seven batters.

Columbians Fall Twice to Valley Catholic

In the opening game of their doubleheader against fourth-in-state, first-in-league Valley Catholic, the Columbians were scoreless for five innings before the game was called.

Tristan Inman struck-out two batters and Tripp struck- out one.

RHS got its first run of the night in the first inning of the second game. Valley answered with five in the bottom of the first, one run in the second and another in the third.

The Columbians got a second run in the fifth, bringing the final score to 2-7.

Bolden and Ethan Langley each got an RBI.

Robb-Farvour pitched five of the seven innings for RHS, striking out seven batters.

Rainier hosts a double header against Clatskanie on Friday, May 3, starting at 3:30 p.m.

Lady Tigers Win 13-3; Lose Second 0-13

The Clatskanie High School softball team split a doubleheader with Warrenton, Tuesday, April 30, winning the first game 13-3, and losing the second game 0-13.

Brittney Abbott hit a solo home run.

“Katie Burgher and Holly Burghardt both had solid games,” said Coach Gary Kuehl. Burghardt had a triple, a double and a single in the first game. She had two doubles in the second game.

In the first game Burgher and Christmas Fou each had two singles. Taelor Kay had a double and two runs-batted-in (RBI).

Burgher pitched both games.

“The girls played a great first game. We hit the ball well and were very aggressive on the bases. In our second game, we had some errors and we couldn’t make the outs we needed. But we are coming together as a team and that’s a tremendous accomplishment,” Coach Kuehl said. “The coaching staff is very pleased with the girls’ hard work and the improvements they have made so far this season,” he added.

The Tigers head to Rainier on Friday, May 3, for a doubleheader, starting at 3:30 p.m.

Rainier Golfers Win Match

The Rainier High School boys golf team finished first at the Vernonia District 1 Golf Match Wednesday, April 24.

Rainier shot a 429, followed by Vernonia with 446, and Neah-Kah-Nie was incomplete.

Rainier’s golf scores were: Joel Kirkland 101, Colby Elbert 106, Elijah Foultner 107, Brandon Heacock 115 and Collin Siltala 115.

Coach Greg Miller noted, “This was Rainier’s first win over the past two seasons.”

The following captions were printed along with their photos in the May 2, 2013 issue of The Clatskanie Chief:

McLeod Makes Catch

OUT IN LEFT FIELD, Clatskanie outfielder Micah McLeod makes a catch against Horizon Christian Wednesday, April 24. The Tigers fell 0-11 to Horizon. Chief Photo by Adam J. Wehrley

Abbott Hits Home Run

SLIDING INTO HOME after rounding the base, sophmore Brittney Abbott hit a solo home run in the first game of a doubleheader against Warrenton Tuesday, April 30. The run contributed to Clatskanie’s 13-3 victory. Chief Photo by Adam J. Wehrley


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