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Graduation Celebrated at Clatskanie and Rainier

THROWING THEIR MORTAR BOARDS into the air were Clatskanie High School graduates at the end of commencement ceremonies Saturday afternoon, June 8. That evening, (lower picture) Rainier High School graduates and the crowd that packed the gym, gave the pledge of allegiance at the beginning of their ceremony. Photos by Amanda Gail Moravec and Jenny Westlund

“Why it is Good to be from Clatskanie”

by Holly Burghart, 

ASB President - Class of 2013

(A speech given at Clatskanie High School Commencement June 8th).

Clatskanie. Our hometown. Our one stoplight, one high school, multi-generational community. It is where we have been raised, where we learned who we are, and where we will inevitably come back to. Some of us will visit and some of will choose to live here and bring up our own families. Regardless of the circumstances, the connection is clear. We are from Clatskanie. I am a fifth generation member of the Clatskanie community. The fourth generation to graduate from Clatskanie High School. My family had members in the class of ‘42, ‘65, ‘86, and now I am proud to say 2013. This longevity is a true testament of what is good about Clatskanie.  This community has history. It has character. It has people who care about people.

This community history gives Clatskanie a unique identity as a place you can always come back to. There is a reason that people pour back into town every year for Heritage Days. There is a connection that is unique and bonding.  We know each other. We get each other. We depend on Clatskanie being Clatskanie. It is predictable, and in this ever-changing world, it is appreciated.

Clatskanie’s character is another bonus to living in this community. Although it cannot be denied,  all small towns have their own trace of gossip and ill-will, but when push comes to shove, people in this community take care of their own. We enjoy the small town aspects of knowing how to give directions based on where people live. We remember taking the “test” at the swimming pool so we can swim in the deep end. We know who we had in elementary school as teachers, and they know us.  We embrace people who are struggling with life, and we celebrate with those who have achieved.

The people of Clatskanie create a unique bond of small town closeness which also is a positive aspect of growing up here. There is an unspoken will to take care of our own.  When people are in need, there are many who rally to help them. It might be financially, it might be spiritually, or it might just be individually with our presence. When people achieve success, they don’t celebrate alone.In fact, I remember qualifying for state in basketball my sophomore year. The pandemonium in the gym was a true testament to those who believed in our team, and in essence our community. It was moving for me to know that these people believed in us, and believed in who we represented: Clatskanie.

So you can see, it is good to be from Clatskanie. It is good to know you can count on that one stoplight being there. It is good to know that the Clatskanie Tigers will always be those same Clatskanie Tigers. It is good to know that people have come before us and have made this place the beautiful home that it is. We will always have this connection. We will always have this heritage. We are from Clatskanie. We are the Class of 2013.

Scholarships Totaling Over $69,000 Awarded to Clatskanie Graduates

Forty-eight scholarships totaling over $69,000 were presented to graduating Clatskanie High School seniors during Saturday’s commencement ceremonies.

Scholarships awarded included:

Colvin Scholarships (established from the estate of the late Tom and Martha Colvin): Morgan Keyser, $500; Kaitlyn Carson, $500; Tyler Johnson, $500; David Landis, $750; Jordan Sukeforth, $750; Warren Skirvin, $1000; Maegan Hunter, $1000; Megan Strom, $2000; Holly Burghardt, $2500; Tyler Sherwin, $2500; Kyle Sharek, $2509.46; Taryn Clappé, $3000; Christmas Fou, $3500.

Clatskanie Kiwanis Scholarships: Christmas Fou, $2500; Taryn Clappé, $2500; Warren Skirvin, $2500.

Anna Rae Nelson Memorial Scholarship: Kaitlyn Carson, $400.

Roland Olson Memorial Scholarship: Kyle Sharek, $500.

Chance to Become Scholarship: Josh Davis, $5000; Jordan Sukeforth, $5000.

Scott Blecha Memorial Scholarship: Tyler Sherwin, $1,000.

Dewey James Memorial Scholarship: Kylie Reeves, $3000.

Lower Columbia Chapter of A.B.A.T.E. Scholarship: Kyle Sharek, $2000.

Palmrose Family Scholarship: Christmas Fou, $2500.

Ida Loyd Walrod Scholarship: Christmas Fou, $1000.

25 Years Ago Memorial Scholarship: Holly Burghardt, $250; Tyler Sherwin, $250; Christmas Fou, $250; Megan Strom, $250.

Warrenton Fiber Company Scholarship: Mikayla Tussing, $500.

Clatskanie Foundation Memorial Scholarship: Tyler Sherwin, $1500; Kaitlyn Carson, $1500.

Fluhrer Memorial Scholarship: Megan Strom, $4500.

Kynsi Scholarship: Jordan Sukeforth, $1500.

Clatskanie Cruisers Scholarship: Holly Burghardt, $500.

Christie Family Memorial Scholarship: Kylie Reeves, $1000; Tyler Sherwin, $1000; Christmas Fou, $500; Kyle Sharek, $500; Holly Burghardt, $500.

C’s Photography Scholarship: Megan Strom, $500.

Kaiser Permanente Scholarship: Sadie Harkins, $2000.

Clatsop County Safety Scholarship: Warren Skirvin, $500;

Rockin ‘60s Scholarship: Tyler Johnson, $1250.

Oregon School Employees Association (OSEA) Scholarship: Tyler Johnson, $500; Kylie Reeves, $500; Kyle Sharek, $500.

Wauna Federal Credit Union Scholarship: Megan Strom, $1,000.

CMHS Evacuated, After Threat Made

Clatskanie School District (CSD) staff and Clatskanie Police Department officers responded Wednesday, June 5, to written threats found on a wall in the Clatskanie Middle/High School (CMHS) drama area resulting in the evacuation and lockdown of the campus.

The threat was discovered at about 3:10 p.m. Wednesday afternoon, shortly before the close of the school day. The building went into immediate lockdown, students, staff and other personnel were evacuated and all evening activities were canceled as CSD personnel worked with police to investigate a threat.

In what Clatskanie Police Department (CPD) Chief Marvin Hoover described as a precautionary measure CPD officers searched the campus for suspicious items. The Rainier police department assisted in the search.

“The school did a wonderful job,” said Chief Hoover citing CSD’s quick response and communication with parents and the public. Hoover also said that while CPD at no time considered the threat to be credible, they acted as precautionary measure. The exact nature of the threat was not released.

Interim CSD superintendent George Lanning made several public announcements regarding the incident and the precautions made including implementing the district’s automated communications system to advise students’ families of the situation.

School resumed Thursday morning, June 6, with several security precautions in place.

CMHS staff were directed to check their classrooms for suspicious items prior to class. Access to campus was controlled and students and all other individuals were searched as they arrived.

Students were not excused to leave campus during school hours, including lunch. Also they were not allowed in the hallways or other areas unsupervised other than passing times between classes and during nutrition break and lunch.

Lanning described CSD actions as “proactive measures to ensure the safety of all students and staff.”

CPD officers were on campus Thursday teaching regularly scheduled police science courses. Classes have continued as normal since Friday and graduation celebrations were not interrupted. There was no threat made against the elementary school.

In a report on Thursday Lanning said, “We would like to commend the students who were present today for their patience and cooperation. There were no incidents that would cause alarm or concern of students, staff or patrons. We would also like to thank the Clatskanie Police Department for their professionalism and assistance.”

Lanning also said, “I was very impressed in how the entire staff came together and cooperated in providing a safe environment for everyone that was at CMHS today. What a tremendous effort and willingness to do not only the assigned areas of responsibilities, but for some who volunteered to help out in other areas when they were available. Fortunately, we did not have any incidents and it was a good practice run planning for a real time scenario.”

Heritage Days Gets Ready to Blast Off

Local residents and visitors will be “Having a Blast in Clatskanie” with a continuous schedule of Clatskanie Heritage Days events beginning June 28 and continuing through the 4th of July.


Preceding the continuous seven day celebration is “Princess-in-Training” on Saturday, June 22, from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. (No early arrivals.)

Local girls, aged 5 to 10, are invited to come to the Clatskanie Senior Citizens’ Castle, 620 SW Tichenor Street, for princess-like fun – crafts, games, singing and dancing, curtseying and lunch, under the sponsorship of The Clatskanie Chief.

There is no cost for “Princess-in-Training,” but the event is limited to 25 girls and they must pre-register by calling The Chief office at 503 728-3350 or e-mailing chief@clatskanie.com.

The girls will also be invited to participate in the Heritage Days talent show and coronation on Friday, June 28, and ride on a castle float in the 4th of July parade.

Parent volunteers are welcome to assist with the princess-in-training day, and are needed to accompany the float on the 4th of July. Those willing to volunteer are asked to make that known when they register.

Talent Show, Coronation

The annual Heritage Days talent show and coronation ceremony is set for 7 p.m. on Friday, June 28, at the Donavon Wooley Performing Arts Center at Clatskanie Middle/High School.

Performers of all kinds are being sought and persons interested in being in the talent show should contact Heritage Days chair Dave Borgstrom at 503 728-4248 or  e-mail daveborgstrom at gmail.com.

Riley Rivera, a 15-year-old Clatskanie High School student, is the single Heritage Days princess this year, but she is being assisted by 2012 Heritage Days Queen Whitney Sherman.

The two are appearing together at various speaking events including the Clatskanie Chamber of Commerce June 6,  the Clatskanie Heritage Days meeting on June 7, the Clatskanie American Legion Hall, 930 NE 5th Street, during Bingo at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, June 19, and at the Clatskanie Kiwanis meeting on Tuesday, June 25, at 12 noon at Colvin’s banquet room.

In addition to the Clatskanie 4th of July parade, the Heritage Days Court intends to appear in the Rainier Days Parade on July 13, and other events throughout the summer.

Cruisers Car Show,  Pie in the Park

A full-day of events is set for Saturday, June 29, beginning with the Clatskanie Arts Commission breakfast from 7 to 10 a.m. in the American Legion Hall, 930 NE 5th Street, followed by the 23rd annual Clatskanie Cruisers Heritage Days Car Show from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the Clatskanie City Park.

Another featured event on Saturday, June 29, is the annual “Pie in the Park” baking contest and pie sale sponsored by Clatskanie Chapter T P.E.O.

All pie bakers are invited to enter their pies in the baking contest. For adult bakers (age 18 and older) pies will be judged in the categories of fruit, holiday specialty and sugar-free. Youth (17 and younger) are invited to enter pies in the fruit or holiday specialty categories.

All pies entered in the contest must have homemade crusts. Each baker may enter a maximum of two pies. Pies entered in the contest will be sold in the pie booth.

Mutt Strut, Sidewalk Sales, Movie Nights

The annual “Strut Your Mutt” just-for-fun dog show is set at 1 p.m. on Sunday, June 30, in the city park, followed by the “Dog Days” obstacle course and obedience training, sponsored by the Clatskanie Emergency Response Team (CERT).

Local merchants are encouraged to have sidewalk sales Monday through Wednesday, July 1-3.

A family night movie will be shown Monday, July 1, outdoors in the park, weather permitting, and a teen night movie will be shown Wednesday, July 3, also in the park, weather permitting.

Traditional Parade, Chili Cookoff New Event

The annual 4th of July parade, which will march down Nehalem Street at 11 a.m. on Thursday, July 4, will have the theme of “Having a Blast in Clatskanie.” Ernest “Ernie” Carman, who has been active for many years as a volunteer with the Clatskanie Senior Citizens, the Clatskanie Friends of the Library, the Raymond Carver Writing Festival, the Clatskanie Arts Commission, Kiwanis and other community service projects, has been selected as grand marshal of the annual 4th of July parade.

Parade applications are available at the Clatskanie Fire Station and at The Clatskanie Chief office.

Prior to the parade, members of visiting courts are encouraged to gather with the Clatskanie Heritage Days court at 9 a.m. in the historical museum at the I.O.O.F./Clatskanie Cultural Center building at 85 S. Nehalem Street.

After the parade, the traditional events, as well as a new one – a chili cook-off – will center in the city park including vendors, logging show, bouncy toys, bingo and live music.

Chili cooks are encouraged to get out their best recipes for a chili cookoff to take place in the covered picnic area of the park, with sampling available to the public. More details will be announced next week.

The fireworks show, somewhat smaller this year because of fewer funds being available, will take place at dark on the night of the 4th.

Contributions Needed, Raffles for Diamond Necklace, Traeger Grill

All persons who enjoy Clatskanie Heritage Days are encouraged to make a contribution in the various cans around town or by sending a check.

Tax deductible contributions may be made to the Clatskanie Foundation designated for either fireworks or the logging show. Those who don’t need the tax deduction may make the contribution directly to Clatskanie Heritage Days. Either way, the checks should be sent to Clatskanie Heritage Days, P.O. Box 635, Clatskanie, OR 97016.

Two raffles are underway to raise funds for the celebration

Further Information

Those interested in having a booth in the park, in performing during the talent show, or in becoming a Heritage Days volunteer are encouraged to call Borgstrom at 503 728-4248 or e-mail daveborgstrom at gmail.com.

Rubber Ducky Race

The annual Rubber Ducky Race, sponsored by Wyldlife/Young Life, will be held on Friday, July 5, at 12:30 p.m.

Rainier Food Bank Fundraising Campaign Nears Goal

Rainier’s food pantry HOPE (Help Our People Eat) is collecting cash donations as part of its “Keep HOPE Alive!” fundraising campaign.

As of June 4, HOPE of Rainier has raised $15,921 toward its goal of $20,000, according to a food bank spokesperson.

Throughout the month of June, St. Helens Community Federal Credit Union is supporting fundraising efforts by collecting cash donations for the food bank at its Rainier, St. Helens and Scappoose branch locations.

The credit union will also sponsor a recycle drive, collecting aluminum cans and bottles, on Saturday, June 29, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Rainier branch, 118 East A Street. Proceeds will benefit HOPE.

“The goal is within reach,” said HOPE board chairman Larry Wallace. “We have been amazed by the generosity of the community and are confident we will raise the needed $20,000.”

With increased demand for food during the prolonged economic recession, rising food costs and a significant cut in United Way funding, the organization launched an urgent campaign in late March. Rainier Mayor Jerry Cole proclaimed April the “month of HOPE.”

Individual donations, which are tax-deductible, may be mailed to HOPE, P.O. Box 448, Rainier, OR 97048, or delivered to the food bank located at 404 E. A Street during regular operating hours Monday-Wednesday 11 a.m.-4 p.m. and Thursday 2-7 p.m.

Local organizations and groups who want to sponsor a fundraiser to benefit HOPE or would like to arrange a tour of the facility are encouraged to call the office at 503 556-0701.

HOPE is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization led by volunteers, including its eight-member volunteer board of directors.

Flag Day Flag Retirement Ceremony

A Flag Day flag retirement ceremony is set for this Friday, June 14, at 7 p.m. at the covered picnic area in the Clatskanie City Park.

Members of the Clatskanie American Legion Post 68 and Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 2994, along with Boy Scout Troop 241 will be properly disposing of unserviceable American flags.

Those with torn, faded or otherwise damaged American flags are invited to drop them off at Sporty’s, Hazen Hardware or the Clatskanie Fire Department no later than 5 p.m. Friday.


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