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Clatskanie’s Blast 12U Softball Team Wins Second at State

Despite playing back-to-back games in blistering heat and having to work their way through the losers’ bracket, the Clatskanie Blast 12U softball team managed to dig deep and take home a second place trophy in the Amateur Softball Association (ASA) 12U C state tournament held in Albany, June 28, 29 and 30.

The Clatskanie girls faced  the Basin Bandits from Klamath Falls Friday evening and ended up losing by two runs in the bottom of the seventh inning – final score 5 to 7 – to put the Blast into the losers’ bracket. Cassidy Donaldson pitched; two runs were scored by Olivia Sprague, while Taylor Dow, Maris Jackson and Hallie Schwartz had one run each.

On Saturday, June 29, the Blast played the St. Helens Aliens in the morning and won the game in three innings with a score of 15 to 0. Macy Simmons pitched; two runs were scored by Olivia Sprague, Cassidy Donaldson, Taylor Dow, Maris Jackson, Macy Simmons and Hallie Schwartz, and Olivia Warren, Olivia Geer and Alexis Smith scored one run apiece.

That afternoon, the Clatskanie girls met the Upper Rogue team from Eagle Point, and, again, won in three innings, with a score of 15 to 0. Macy Simmons pitched, and Olivia Warren blasted a home run that drove in three runs.

Saturday evening, the Blast faced “Rampage” from Forest Grove, and won with a score of 11 to 4. Cassidy Donaldson pitched; Olivia Warren had a triple; Olivia Sprague scored three runs, two runs apiece were scored by Cassidy Donaldson, Taylor Dow and Olivia Warren, and Alexis Smith and Hallie Schwartz each scored one run.

That evening, the Clatskanie Blast played the Blue Aces from Medford, and won with a score of 9 to 1. Cassidy Donaldson pitched; Taylor Dow had two base hits and a home run, scoring three runs. Two runs were scored by Cassidy Donaldson, and by Olivia Warren, Maris Jackson, Olivia Geer and Hallie Schwartz scored one run each.

On the morning of Sunday, June 30, the Blast played the Comets from Central Point, winning 11 to 7. Cassidy Donaldson pitched; three runs were scored by Olivia Sprague, two runs were scored by Cassidy Donaldson, Taylor Dow and Macy Simmons, and one run was  scored by Olivia Warren and Olivia Geer.

With no time to rest, theClatskanie girls played the Basin Bandits again, and this time pulled out a win with a score of 7 to 5. Cassidy Donaldson and Macy Simmons both pitched. Taylor Dow hit a double, and Olivia Warren  a triple. Two runs each were scored by Olivia Sprague, Cassidy Donaldson and Olivia Warren, while Taylor Dow had one run.

In the third back-to-back game – this one for the championship – the Blast played the Hood River Heat from Parkdale. The game ended up going into nine innings, but the Blast was able to pull out the win with a score of 5 to 3. Cassidy Donaldson pitched; Taylor Dow hit a double that gave the Blast the go ahead run in the top of the ninth. Maris Jackson, with a double in the top of the ninth,  put the Blast up by two runs. One run each was scored by Olivia Sprague, Cassidy Donaldson, Taylor Dow, Olivia Geer and Alexis Smith

In the championship game, after three games in the 90 -degree-plus weather, the Clatskanie girls were tired, but refused to “just roll over and die.” They ended up losing to the undefeated West Linn team by a score of 8 to 4. This was West Linn’s fifth game, and Clatskanie’s ninth game.

“They gave a valiant effort, but just couldn’t overcome their exhaustion and the heat,” Coach Dawn Warren reported.

Macy Simmons pitched the last game and also hit two doubles. One run each was scored by Olivia Sprague, Taylor Dow, Maris Jackson and Macy Simmons.

Coach Warren cited the play of Cassidy Donaldson and Macy Simmons, for pitching nine games between the two of them; Olivia Warren, who  caught all nine games in the  heat, with breaks provided by Olivia Sprague, who was also cited for her strong play at shortstop. Taylor Dow turned in a strong performance at third base.

“The great thing about this group of girls was their refusal to give up. They had to win seven straight games in order to claw their way through the losers’ bracket to reach the championship game. They melded together amazingly and played their best softball this weekend. There was not a girl on the team who did not come through at one time or another to come up with a hit or a play that was somehow instrumental in one of their wins. I could not be more proud of a group of kids! It was my pleasure to coach them, and I think this group is going to help our future programs tremendously!”

Coach Warren also thanked her assistant coaches Bob Donaldson, Kevin Sprague and Lori Simmons. “Without this group of assistants, we would not have gotten as far as we did. I could never have done this without them. They were as instrumental in our success as the girls were!”

Sponsors of the team are the Clatskanie People’s Utility District, Fultano’s Pizza, Evenson Logging, and Carla’s Closet.

An accompanying photo was printed in the July 11, 2013 issue of The Clatskanie Chief with this caption:

SMILING IN THE SHADE after winning second place in the state 12 and under  C Amateur Softball Association tournament June 30 in Albany are members of Clatskanie’s Blast softball team: front row from left: Hallie Schwartz, Olivia Sprague, Olivia Geer, Cassidy Donaldson, Alexis Smith, Shelby Blodgett and Olivia Warren; back row: Lita Blodgett, Macy Simmons, Maris Jackson and Taylor Dow. Photo Courtesy of Dawn Warren

Tigers Defeat Columbian 6-0

The Clatskanie Tiger summer league baseball team traveled to Rainier on Sunday, July 11, to beat the Columbians 6-0.

The Tigers were led by German George who pitched six innings without allowing a hit. He walked three and struck out six.

Nick Donaldson cleared the bases with a double, highlighting the Tigers’ offensive effort.

The Tigers are currently tied with Astoria for first place in the east division of the North Coast Oregon Junior State League. The district tournament will be held this Thursday and Friday, July 11-12, in Seaside at Broadway Field.




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