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Tigers Crush Warrenton 22-1

Clatskanie baseball jumped out to an 11-0 lead in the bottom of the first inning, enroute to a 22-1 victory over Warrenton Friday, April 18, on the Tigers’ home diamond.

The Tigers had 19 hits as a team. Nick Donaldson batted 3/4 with four runs batted in (RBI).

Damien Strowger and Micah McLeod each had two hits and four RBIs.

Griffin Haas batted 3/3 and scored four runs.

German George pitched three innings for the win, and had two strikeouts.

Thomas Shelby pitched relief, allowing one unearned run in two innings. Neither pitcher allowed a hit.

The Tigers are now ranked 11th in the Oregon Scholastic Activities Association 3A standings.

Tiger Softball Wins First League Game

In its first league game of the season, Clatskanie High School’s varsity softball team defeated Warrenton 6-3 on the Tigers’ diamond last Friday, April 18.

The first two innings were scoreless, then Warrenton got two runs in the top of the third. Clatskanie followed with one run in the bottom of the third, and Warrenton answered with another in the top of the fourth to take the 3-1 lead.

There were no more runs for either side until the bottom of the sixth, when Clatskanie scored five runs to go up 6-3, and that score held until the end of the game.

Katie Burgher was winning pitcher with six strike-outs and one walk.

The Tigers got only two hits, scoring most of their runs off of Warrenton errors.

Named player of the game by the coaches, designated hitter Makenzie Mitchell got on first base by a walk in the third inning, stole second, then got to third and home for the first run.

In sixth inning, Mitchell got on first again by a walk, then stole second, third and sneaked home to spark the Tiger’s game-winning rally.

Defensive player of the game was Brittney Abbott with great catches in center field, while Sage Miller was two for three at bat to take the offensive player of the game honors.

The Lady Tigers are 7-3 for the season, 1-0 in league.

Clatskanie, Rainier Athletes Compete at Corbett Track Meet

The Rainier High School (RHS) track team hosted Clatskanie High School (CHS) and Corbett Thursday, April 17.

Several CHS and RHS athletes are currently ranked in the top 10 for 3A schools in their events this year. RHS’s Cody Gellatly is ranked fourth for the high jump, with a jump of 6’. Gellatly is ranked 10th in the long jump with 19’7.

Clatskanie runner Codi Blodgett holds the 10th rank in the 200 meter sprint with a time of 23.83.

CHS’s Alyssa Moore is ranked seventh in the 100 meter hurdles with a time of 17.46.

Individual boys results for Clatskanie were:

100 meters: Cedet Bailey, first, 11.40.

800 meters: Drexler Martin, second, 2:27.29; Austin Deanhardt, sixth; Lukas Roubal, 12th, 3:08.72.

1500 meters: Deanhardt, sixth, 5:15.79; Roubal, 10th, 6:10.50.

3000 meters: Martin, second, 11:11.27.

300 meter hurdles: Chris Puckett, third, 47.79; Avery Davis, seventh, 61.73.

4×100 meter relay: Deanhardt, Connor Thorud, Danny Goldwater, Martin, third, 58.44; Tony Simmons, Davis, Brayden Day, Chase Gorman, 60.50.

4×400 meter relay: Deanhardt, Roubal, Martin, Goldwater, third, 5:00.38.

Shot Put: Sawyer Weldon, first, 39’11; Gorman, third, 36’3; Puckett, fifth, 34’7; Davis, seventh, 31’3 ‘’; Ryan Froke, 10th, 29’10.5; Day, 15th, 25’6; Simmons, 16th, 21’8.

Discus: Weldon, 94’11, first; Gorman, third, 85’0; Froke, 75’7, seventh; Goldwater, eighth ,70’4; Davis, ninth, 61’10; Thorud, 10th, 58’10; Day, 10th, 58’10; Simmons, 16th, 53’11.

Javelin: Weldon, first, 136’1; Goldwater, third, 96’10; Davis, sixth, 83’6; Day, seventh, 81’11; Gorman, eighth, 80’2; Thorud, 12th, 67’0; Simmons, 14th, 64’11; Roubal, 15th, 48’0.

Triple Jump: Weldon, second, 27’10.

Individual girls results for Clatskanie were:

100 meters: Caitlin Ives, sixth, 14.56; Amanda Jurgenson, seventh ,14.82; Daysia Trump, 12th, 15.75; Hannah Swaggerty, 15th, 18.07.

200 meters: Trump, 14th, 35.38; Swaggerty, 15th, 39.72.

1500 meters: Shayla Sullivan, first, 6:00.97.

100 meter hurdles: Alyssa Moore, second, 17.91.

300 meter hurdles: Moore, first, 57.48.

4×100 meter relay: Danielle Berntsen, Jewell Penn, Ives, Moore, second, 55.88.

4×400 meter relay: Moore, Berntsen, Penn, Jurgenson, third, 4:59.73.

Discus: Ives, third, 68’10.

Javelin: Ives, sixth, 56’5.

Long Jump: Penn, first, 13’8; Berntsen, fifth, 12’6; Jurgenson, seventh, 12’5.5.

Triple jump: Penn, fifth, 26’0; Berntsen, sixth, 24’6.5; Jurgenson, seventh, 23’4.

Rainier Results

Individual boys results for Rainier were:

100 meters: Alex Gates, third, 12.14; Bryce Moon, sixth, 12.43; Dylan Taylor, eighth, 13.03; Jonathan Zielinski, 10th, 13.27; Sean Rosian, 11th, 13.97; Brandon Teshner, 12th, 15.24; Austen Beaulieu, 15.51; Jeremiah Kramberg, 15.75.

200 meters: Taylor, fourth, 27.09.

400 meters: Brian Guisinger, first, 54.38; Jared Thomas, fourth, 1::02.63; Chris Cote, fifth, 1:04.88; Logan Crawford, seventh, 1:08.03; Josh Larsen, eighth, 1:09.84.

800 meters: Bryan Falls, first, 2:19.64; Zielinski, third, 2:33.26; Crawford, eighth, 2:46.84; Dickson Ho, ninth, 2:49.5; Rocky Hein, 10th, 2:53.78; Riley Coulter, 11th, 2:56.49.

1500 meters: Guisinger,  first, 4:37.21; Bryan Falls, second, 4:49.82; Thomas, third, 4:54.95; John Graff, fourth, 4:57.60; Crawford, eighth, 5:35.57; Coulter, ninth, 5:53.64; Nolan Abell, 12th, 6:18.51.

3000 meters: Thomas, first, 10:55.95; Graff, third, 11:12.80; Rocky Hein, fourth, 13:44.00.

300 meter hurdles: Gates, first, 46.38; Kian Anderson, eighth, 63.68.

4×100 meter relay: Gates, Gellatly, Moon, Larson, second, 49.15.

4×400 meter relay: Guisinger, Thomas Larson, Gates, first, 4:00.63.

Shot Put: Kramberg, second, 36’6; Brandon Heacock, fourth, 35’6.

Javelin: Taylor, fifth, 83’6.

High jump: Gellatly, second, 5’10; John Walker, third, 5’8.

Pole Vault: Falls, first, 7’0.

Long Jump: Coulter, third, 7’2.

Individual girls results for Rainier were:

100 meters: Veera Moilanen, second, 14; Jamie Tow, fourth, 14.16; Ashley Bush, fifth, 14.35; Ella Shroll, 11th, 15.47; Erika Hein, 13th, 16.18; Carrissa Daniels, 14th, 16.56.

200 meters: Bush, fifth, 29.79; Tow, sixth, 29.98; Monica Guisinger, seventh, 30; Moilanen, eighth, 30.02; Sam Holland, ninth, 30.22; Julia Patterson, 10th, 30.24; Nicole Olson, 12th, 33:47.

400 meters: M. Guisinger, third, 70.44.

800 meters: M. Guisinger, second, 3:02.82.

1500 meters: Riley Richardson, second, 6:31.57; Olson, third, 7:25.38.

100 meter hurdles: Shroll, second, 26.04.

300 meter hurdles: Shroll, second, 66.04

4×100 meter relay: M. Guisinger, Tow, Moilanen, Bush, third, 57.32.

4×400 meter relay: Tow, M. Guisinger, Bush, Moilanen, second, 4:58.16.

Shot Put: Amanda Lilya, first, 26’6; Patterson, second, 25’1; Paige Mogray, third, 24’.

Discus: Mogray, first, 88’; Patterson, second, 86’; Sabrina Hollander, fourth, 66’11.

Javelin: Allison Hisey, first, 82’; Megan Masterson, fourth, 64’3; Holland, seventh, 53’5; Erika Hein, ninth, 48’2; Kenna Inman, 11th, 33’10.

High Jump: Madison Beaston, third, 3’10.

Long jump: Haileyy Helton, third, 12’7.

Banks Invitational

On Saturday, April 19, the Rainier track team participated in the Banks Invitational against 16 other teams.

Individual boys results for Rainier were:

100 meters: Moon, 21st, 13.60; Cote, 24th, 14.45.

200 meters: Cote, 24th, 29.25; Hein, 26th, 34.91.

400 meters: Moon, 16th, 58.51; Crawford, 28th, 69.48.

800 meters: Guisinger, fourth, 2:07.99; Falls, 10th, 2:17.18; Zielinski, 21st, 2:31.14.

1500 meters: Guisinger, seventh, 4:33.72; Falls, 13th, 4:43.55; Graff, 19th, 4:58.63.

3000 meters: Thomas, ninth, 10:35.84; Abell, 20th, 13:23.43.

4×400 meter relay: Larson, Falls, Guisinger, Gellatly, sixth, 4:01.17.

Shot Put: Kramberg, third, 40’ 1.50; Heacock, 15th, 36 ‘ 1.50.

Discus: Beaulieu, 26th, 67’; Kerns, 28th, 63’09; Harlan Williams, 32nd, 55’3.

Javelin: Crawford, 27th, 30’5.

Individual girls results for Rainier were:

100 meters: Tow, 22nd, 15.25; Holland, 25th, 15.75; Patterson, 27th, 15.93.

200 meters: Tow, 20th, 31.33; Shroll, 24th, 34.43.

400 meters: M. Guisinger, 15th, 71.91; Bush, 16th, 72.18.

800 meters: M. Guisinger, 18th, 2:58.25; Hein, 26th, 3:43.35.

300 meter hurdles: Shroll, 11th, 63.38.

4×100 meter relay: Tow, Bush, Patterson, Moilanen, sixth, 57.75.

4×400 meter relay: Bush, Tow, Moilanen, Guisinger, seventh, 4:52.18.

Shot Put: Lilya, eighth, 27’04; Masterson, 22nd, 23’07.50; Elisha Heacock, 25th, 23’00.50.

Discus: Patterson, seventh, 90’03; Mogray, 12th, 75’03; Sabrina Hollander, 16th, 71’01.

Javelin: Hisey, 13th, 82’05; Masterson, 18th, 71’03; Holland, 30th, 53’05.

Long Jump: Helton, 17th, 12’09; Holland, 23rd, 11’02.50; Beaston, 24th, 11’02.00.

Clatskanie Wins First Home Forestry Competition

With over 100 young foresters competing, Clatskanie Middle/High School (CMHS) hosted its first forestry skills competition Saturday, April 19.

CMHS won the five-team competition with 348 total points. Knappa placed third with 221 points.

Knappa’s Ryan Simpson won the overall technical forester title with 32 technical points and won the overall boys competition with 53 total points.

Clatskanie’s Lynn Siltala won the overall girl’s competition with 68 points. Meisha Boettcher of Knappa won second place with 63 points.

Individual Clatskanie foresters’ results were:

Speech: Katie Burgher, first; Connor Thorud, third; Lynn Siltala, sixth.

Plant identification: Ellie Colgvhoun, first; Jessie Gillespie, second; Trevor Gillespie, third; Siltala, sixth.

Tool identification: Danny Goldwater, second; Sawyer Weldon, sixth.

Compass and pacing: Thorud, second.

Map reading: Thorud, first; Danten Sewald, fourth; Siltala, fifth, Ryan Froke, sixth.

First Aid: Dylan Knutson, sixth; J. Gillespie, sixth.

Job interview: Siltala, first; Hunter Krause, third; Burgher, fourth; Colgvhoun, sixth.

Hose Lay: Trey Bodenhamer, Lane Bodenhamer, Cody Galloway, Dawson Howard, Steve Gillespie, second; Dustin Luquette, Isaac Points, Ian Griffiths, Caleb Warren, Isaiah Ives, third; Thorud, T. Gillespie, Sewald, Job Karber, Damon Masack, sixth.

Boys novice log roll: Masack, first; T. Bodenhamer, second; Dylan Knutson, third; Luquette, fourth; Thorud, sixth.

Girls novice log roll: Colgvhoun, first.

Boys open log roll: Howard, third; L. Bodenhamer, fifth; Karber, sixth.

Girls open log roll: J. Gillespie, first; Siltala, third.

Boys crosscut: Weldon, Chris Puckett, first; Froke, Warren, third; Cole Norgren, Galloway, fifth.

Girls crosscut: Burgher, Siltala, second.

Jack and Jill crosscut: Warren, Burgher, first.

Boys powerbuck: Knutson, second; Norgren, fourth.

Girls powerbuck: Siltala, first.

Boys splicing: Froke, Simmons, third; Warren, Thorud, fourth.

Girls splicing: Burgher, Siltala, third; J. Gillespie, Arlee Nosack, fifth.

Jack and Jill splicing: Siltala, Froke, first; Warren, Burgher, second.

Boys arbor climbing: Luquette, third.

Girls arbor climbing: J. Gillespie, third.

Girls open climbing: Siltala, third.

Boys novice climbing: Points, first; Knutson, second; Norgren, fourth.

Boys choker set: L. Bodenhammer, first; Griffith, fifth.

Girls choker set: Siltala, second.

Boys axe throw: Donovan Foss, first; T. Bodenhamer, second.

Knappa Results

Individual Knappa High School results were:

Plant Identification: Simpson, fourth.

Compass and pacing: Simpson, first; Pat Schimdt, fourth.

Map reading: Simpson, second; Schmidt, third.

Timber Cruising: Simpson, first; Schmidt, fourth.

Hose lay: Schmidt, Simpson, Kegan Scott, Kendel Shelton, James Huddleston, first; Logan Patterson, Jacob Fresh, Zachery Ford, Kevin Fresh, Boettcher, fourth.

Boys novice log roll: J. Fresh, fifth.

Girls novice log roll: Chanel Kelly, second.

Boys open log roll: Simpson, first.

Girls open log roll: Boettcher, second.

Girls crosscut: Boettcher, Stacey Aho, first.

Jack and Jill crosscut: K. Fresh, Boettcher, second; Huddleston, Aho, third.

Girls power buck:Boettcher, second.

Boys splicing: K. Fresh, Huddleston, second; Schmidt, Shelton, fifth.

Girls splicing: Boettcher, Aho, first.

Jack and Jill splicing: K. Fresh, Aho, fifth; Schmidt, Boettcher, sixth.

Boys open arbor climb: Patterson, first; Chis Whitworth, second.

Girls open arbor climb: Boettcher, fourth.

Boys open climb: J. Fresh, third.

Girls open climb: Boettcher, fourth.

Boys novice climb: Ford, third.

Boys choker set: Patterson, second; Shelton, third; Simpson, sixth.

Girls choker: Boettcher, third.

Boys axe throw: Whitworth, fourth; Scott, sixth.

Girls axe throw: Tabitha Adams, fifth.

Tiger JV Softball Out Hits CR 16-11

After leading by three runs, the Clatskanie High School junior varsity softball team had a slow couple of innings offensively, before coming back during a slug-out in the last three innings to capture the 16-11 victory over Castle Rock April 11.

McKenzie Mitchell pitched the win with five strike-outs.  Saige Miller and Kiersten Sermino at short stop and second base combined for “a huge part of our defense,” said Coach Diane Mausen.

Bethany Shefstad and Carmen Lindblom at catcher and third base also contributed strongly to the effort.

Kimi Crape had a “stellar” catch in left field. Mitchell, Viv Bustamante and Miller all scored four runs, Sermino scored three times and Hallie Blodgett scored one run.

Rainier vs. Clatskanie Alumni Basketball Game Friday

The second annual Rainier versus Clatskanie Alumni Basketball competition on Friday, April 25, will bring together former students in the spirit of sporting rivalry and glory from past years.

This event will be held in the Clatskanie Middle/High School gymnasium and will feature three games, beginning with the women at 6 p.m., the “gentlemen” (35 and older) at approximately 7:15 p.m., and the “men,” male alumni under 35 at approximately 8:30 p.m.

Admission is $5 for adults, $2 students, senior citizens and kids under 12 are free.

Team members include:

Rainier Women: Shanda Wagner (2004), Megan Benson (2007), Denae (Hunter) Jones (2009), Kellie (Keith) Kenis (2000), Tina Lee (Standen) Brooks (2000), Heidi Jackson (2007), Kaylea Knox (2013), Ashlyne Getzlaff (2009)

Clatskanie Women: Alvena Karber (2006), Angel (Taylor) Winton (2006), Amanda (Craig) Kallunki (2005), Heidi Craig (2006), Tanya (Guiterrez) Sherman (2004), Jessica (Meadowns) McMann (2006), Melanie Gifford (2007), Kaylee (Taylor) Engen (2011).

Rainier Gentlemen: Eric Schimmel (1994), Fred Gibson (1982), Matt Feiken (1991), Kyle Singleton (1993), Todd Nofziger (1984).

Clatskanie Gentlemen:Brandon Heath (1996), Bob Harrison (1985), Calvin Olsen (1983), Mike Rochon (1992), Sean Tenison (1993), Nick Smith (1998), John Blodgett (1990), Jeff Skirvin (1990), Tim Warren (1992), Scott Kirkland (1997), Sean Gorley (1992), Gary Points (1988).

Rainier Men: Kevin Schiedler (2003), Jeff Schiedler (2009), Byron Jacobs (2002), Chris Brewer (2002), Kyle Jackson (2004), Hazze Walker (2008), Logan Andrews (2003), Jesse Abell (2003), Caleb Falconer (2004), Kory Schuff, Brandon Cataldo.

Clatskanie Men: Deshaun Combs (2003), Shawn Winton (2006), Kyle Mackey (2003), Conrad Richie (2008), Tyler Johnson (2013), Jeremy Sherman (2003), Jake Pinard (2001), Jason Klein (2000), Chris Mooney (2003), John Frach (1999), Dustin Craig (1997).

CHS Grads in Northwest College Sports

Clatskanie High School (CHS) alumni are excelling in regional community college athletics.

CHS 2012 graduate Teauna Hughes, is playing her sophomore season at Mt. Hood Community College. Hughes is second in the Northwest Athletic Association of Community Colleges (NWAACC) in home runs with 12. She is third in runs batted in with 41. Mt. Hood is currently undefeated and tied for first in the south division (24-0, 6-0).

Carley Lannan, 2013 CHS alumni and Oregon state shot put champion, is a freshman on the Clark College Track and Field Team. She recently took first place in the shot put with a throw of 40’ 2.05’’ at the Pacific Northwest Relays in Oregon City. Her shot throw was a qualifying distance for the Regional Track & Field Championships. Lannan is currently listed as the top shot putter in the NWAACC for the season, with a top throw of 40’8.58’.

Lannan also throws the discus.

CHS 2012 alumni, Jacob Wemmer, is a sophomore baseball player at Grays Harbor Community College. He plays first base and is hitting .273 on the season.

 The following captions were printed with their corresponding photos in the April 24, 2014 issue of The Clatskanie Chief.

Clatskanie Wins First Home Forestry Competition

CLIMBING HIS WAY TO VICTORY, Clatskanie High School’s (CHS) Isaac Points won the boys novice pole climb at CHS’s first forestry skills competition Friday, April 25. Chief Photo by Adam J. Wehrley 

Tiger Softball Wins First League Game

STEALING SECOND BEFORE MAKING HER WAY HOME, Clatskanie’s Makenzie Mitchell was named player of the game and sparked a 6-3 Tiger victory over Warrenton Friday, April 18. Mitchell stole more bases throughout the game, including sneaking home in the sixth inning. Chief Photo by Amanda G. Moravec

Donaldson Helps Tigers to 22-1 Victory

WITH FOUR RUNS BATTED in the game, Clatskanie High School junior Nick Donaldson got a hit with bases loaded during the Tigers’ 22-1 victory over Warrenton Friday, April 18. Chief Photo by Amanda G. Moravec

Bailey Wins at Rainier Meet

PULLING AWAY FROM THE PACK, Clatskanie runner Cedet Bailey won the 100 meter dash at a three-way meet in Rainier Thursday, April 17. Bailey ran the race in 11.4 seconds. Chief Photo by Adam J. Wehrley

Berntsen Jumps

TAKING A FLYING LEAP, Clatskanie High School’s Dannielle Berntsen participates in the long jump and Rainier High School’s three-way meet, Thursday, April 17. Chief Photo by Adam J. Wehrley

Gellatly Soars High

WITH A JUMP OF 5’10”, Cody Gellatly took second place honors for Rainier High School at the Columbians’ home meet Thursday, April 17. Chief Photo by Adam J. Wehrley

Patterson Throws for Second

THROWING THE DISCUS 86 FEET, Julia Patterson took second place for Rainier at a home track meet Thursday, April 17. Chief Photo by Adam J. Wehrley



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