Victorious Spring Break for Lady Tigers

Winning all three of their games at the Heppner softball tournament, the Clatskanie High School (CHS) Tigers enjoyed a victorious spring break, before recording their first loss and first tie of the season in a doubleheader in Vernonia Monday, March 31.

CHS defeated Heppner 6-3 on Wednesday, March 26.

Heppner scored a run in the second inning and two more in the third to put the Tigers down 0-3, but ran dry afterwards.

CHS answered with runs in the fourth and fifth innings, then rallied in the sixth and scored four.

Katie Burgher pitched for the Tigers, striking seven batters out. Three Tigers went 2-4 at the plate.

In Wednesday’s second game of the day, CHS won 12-1. “The Lady Tigers were aggressive on the bases and batted .333 as a team,” said assistant coach Heather Strong.

Kimi Crape was 2-2 from the plate with two singles. Burgher hit a triple. Sage Miller and Megan Strong each hit a double.

Burgher struck-out three batters and had no walks.

“The Tigers played great defensively holding Culver to just one run,” said Coach Strong.

On Thursday, March 27, the Tigers defeated Culver 15-3.

Megan Strong was 2-3 from the plate with a triple and a single. Kacy Strong hit a triple and Burgher added a double.

Kacy Strong pitched the game with six strikeouts and no walks.

1 Loss, 1 Tie at Vernonia

The Tigers lost one and tied one in Vernonia Monday, March 31.

In the first game, CHS fell 4-9. Burgher and Kacy Strong had eight strikeouts combined.

The second game ended in a tie 11-11 on a count of darkness. The Tigers were down 11-7 going into the top of the seventh inning. They scored four runs to tie it up and held the Loggers scoreless in the bottom of the inning.

Kacy Strong had a triple and Taelor Kay had two singles. Carmen Lindblom and Crape each hit doubles. Burgher had a single,

Burgher pitched and struck-out eight batters.

“This group of girls never give up. We had a great trip to Heppner. We played through wind, sun, rain and hail. We faced a faster pitcher in Vernonia and struggled a little, but we battled back the second game and for that we are very proud of the girls,” said Coach Strong.

Clatskanie, Rainier Track Teams Start Seasons at League Icebreaker

Clatskanie and Rainier high school track teams kicked off their seasons at the Lewis & Clark League Icebreaker held March 20 at Valley Catholic in Beaverton.

Clatskanie’s boys and girls teams both placed fourth overall with 76 and 54 points, respectively. Rainier placed fifth in the boys scoring and third in girls.

Other team placings for the boys were Valley Catholic, first; Corbett, second; Warrenton, third; Faith Bible, sixth, Oregon Episcopal, seventh, and Damascus Christian, eighth.

For the girls, Valley Catholic took first, followed by Corbett, second; Faith Bible, fifth; Warrenton, sixth, Damascus Christian, seventh, and Oregon Episcopal, eighth.

Individual boys results for Clatskanie were:

100 meters: Codi Blodgett, second; 11:90; Chris Puckett, fifth, 12.3; David Adkinson, ninth, 12.7; Connor Thorud, 38th, 14.9.

200 meters: Blodgett, first, 24.64; Puckett, fourth, 25.82; Adkinson, seventh, 26.96.

800 meters: Drexler Martin, fourth, 2:24.09.

1500 meters: Austin Deanhardt, 17th, 5:28.15.

3000 meters: Martin, sixth, 11:10; Deanhardt, 12th, 12:05.

4×400 Relay: Clatskanie, third in 4:03.84. (Deanhardt, Martin, Adkinson, Puckett).

Shot Put: Sawyer Weldon, fifth, 98-01; Chase Gorman, third, 36-11; Ryan Froke, 15th, 30.07; Danny Goldwater, 23rd, 27:04; Tony Simmons, 39th, 21:05.

Discus: Weldon, fifth, 98-01; Gorman, sixth, 92-11; Froke, eighth, 88-11; Goldwater, 16th, 77-11; Thorud, 27th, 61-02; Simmons, 29th, 59.

Javelin: Weldon, third, 140-11; Adkinson, eighth, 108-10; Gorman, 12th, 94-08; Goldwater, 13th, 92-10; Thorud, 29th 63-11; Simmons, 32, 61-06.

Long Jump: Blodgett, fifth, 18-06.50; Goldwater, 17th, 12-06.

Rainier boys results, as available on the website, were:

200 meters: Logan Crawford, 14th, 31.72.

400 meters: Bryan Falls, fifth, 59.37; Crawford, 11th, 1:11.53; Riley Coulter, 12th, 1:16.74.

800 meters: John Graff, fifth, 2:30.12; Josh Goroute-Larson, 12th, 2:42.44.

1500 meters: Graff, 9th, 5:06.88; Jonathan Zielinski, 22nd, 5:48.66; Coulter, 30th, 6:18.41; Nolan Abell, 32nd, 6:56.41.

3000 meters: Falls, fifth, 10:46; Rocky Hein, 16th, 13:30.

4×100 Relay: Fifth in 53:69. (Chris Cote, Brian Guisinger, Falls, Zielinski).

4×400 Relay: Fourth in 4:10.69: (Parker Mogray, Cote, Zielinski, Goroute-Larson.

Shot Put: John Walker, sixth, 33-04; Jeremiah Kramberg, seventh, 32-06; Cody Nelson, 29th, 25-06; Harlan Williams, 32nd, 24-02; Zane Kerns, 33rd, 22-11; Austen Beaulieu, 40th, 21-01.

Discus: Nelson, 25th, 62-03; Williams, 36th, 45-02.

Girls Results

Results for Clatskanie girls at the league icebreaker were:

100 meters: Alyssa Moore, sixth, 14.67; Caitlin Ives, seventh, 14.79; Amanda Jurgenson, 13th, 15.04; Jordan Trump, 21st, 16.00; Daysia Trump, 27th, 16.52; Hannay Swggerty, 32nd, 19.16.

200 meters: Jurgenson, seventh, 31.32; Danielle Berntsen, ninth, 33.29; Daysia Trump, 13th, 34.57; Hannah Swaggerty, 15th, 40.87.

800 meters: Rachel Haas, fifth, 3:01.28; Shayla Sullivan, sixth, 3:06.85.

1500 meters: Sullivan, sixth, 6:15.84;

100m Hurdles – 33”: Moore, first, 18.39.

300m Hurdles – 30”: Moore, third, 57.43; Ives, sixth, 1:02.52.

4×100 Relay: Seventh. (Moore, Berntsen, Haas, Sullivan).

Shot Put: Jessie Gillespie, 15th, 20-04; Hannah Swaggerty, 23rd, 9-00.

Discus: Ives, 61-02; Gillespie, 59-06.

Javelin: Haas, eighth, 73-02; Gillespie, 17th, 49-07.

Long Jump: Jurgenson and Berntsen, tied for 14th, 12-02; Trump, 21st, 10-04.

Triple Jump: Trump, second, 28-07.5.

Rainier girls results were:

100 meters: Ashley Bush, eighth, 14.82; Jamie Tow, ninth, 14.85; Julia Patterson, 11th, 14.86; Kenna Inman, 16th, 15.36; Ella Shroll, 22nd, 16.09; Carrissa Daniels, 30th, 16.82.

200 meters: Veera Moilanen, fifth, 30.94; Shroll, 11th, 33.97; Nicole Olson, 12th, 1:23.93.

1500 meters: Riley Richardson, eighth, 6:28.72.

300m Hurdles – 30”: Ella Shroll, seventh, 1:09.42.

4×100 Relay: Fourth (Patterson, Moilanen, Tow, Bush).

4×400 Relay: Fourth (Bush, Tow, Moilanen, Guisinger).

Shot Put: Megan Masterson, third, 25-03; Elisha Heacock, fifth, 25-00; Patterson, sixth, 24-03; Paige Mogray, 10th, 22-09; Amanda Lilya, 11th, 22-05; Allison Hisey, 13th, 21-11; Carrissa Daniels, 16th, 19-07; Anna Sneider, 22nd, 14-07.

Discus:  Mogray, first, 89-03; Patterson, second, 80; Masterson, fourth, 68-06; Heacock, 12th, 57-06; Lilya, 14th, 51-10; Riley Richardson, 16th, 51-02; Daniels, 21st, 43-00; Sneider, 24th, 31-07.

Clatskanie Tracksters Compete at Longview Relays

Clatskanie High School track and field athletes participated in the Longview Rotary Relays for varsity and junior varsity participants on Saturday, March 22, at Longview Memorial Stadium.

Clatskanie boys results were:

200 meters: David Adkinson, 12th, 28; Connor Thorud, 13th, 33; Brayden Day, 14th, 34.

300 meters: Thorud, fourth, 49.2.

400 meters: Chris Puckett, 11th, 58; Adkinson, 13th, 61; Isaac Points, 15th, 63; Drexler Martin, 20th, 70; Austin Deanhardt, 21st, 73; Day, 22nd, 88.

600 meters: Points, first, 1:43.2.

800 meters: Points, 14th, 2:25; Martin, 18th, 2:47.

1200 meters: Martin, fourth, 4:07.

1600 meters: Deanhardt, fourth, 5:37.

4×100 relay: Clatskanie, seventh, 57.39 (Adkinson, Day, Avery Davis, Tony Simmons).

4×100 relay for throwers: Clatskanie, third, 57.71 (Sawyer Weldon, Davis, Simmons, Chase Gorman).

4×400 relay: Clatskanie, seventh, 4.24 (Points, Puckett, Martin, Deanhardt).

100-300-600-200 relay: Clatskanie, third, 3:12.6 (Thorud, Puckett, Points, Adkinson).

200-200-400-800 relay: Clatskanie, third, 4:55.3 (Adkinson, Day, Thorud, Martin).

1200-400-800-1600 relay: Clatskanie, fifth, 14:04 (Martin, Day, Points, Deanhardt).

Shot Put: Weldon, 11th, 37’11”; Gorman, 12th, 36’3”; Ryan Froke, 16th, 32’2”.

Discus: Froke, 15th, 91’6”; Davis, 17th, 87’3”; Weldon, 21st, 76’10”.

Javelin: Weldon, second, 146’10; Adkinson, 12th, 79’4.

Long Jump: Points, 19th, 15’9; Puckett, 22nd, 15’4; Thorud, 23rd, 10’8.

Clatskanie girls results were:

200 meters: Caitlin Ives, fourth, 30; Danielle Berntsen, eighth, 33; Hannah Bertnsen, ninth, 34.

300 meters: Alyssa Moore, second, 51.6.

400 meters: Jordan Trump, ninth, 73; D. Berntsen, 10th, 74; Rachel Haas, 14th, 80; Shayla Sullivan, 15th, 80; Moore, 17th, 82.

600 meters: Haas, second, 2:09.

800 meters: Sullivan, ninth, 3:08.

100m Hurdles: Moore, third, 17.6.

4×100: Clatskanie, fourth, 55:68. (Ives, Amanda Jurgenson, D. Berntsen, Moore).

4×400 Relay: Clatskanie, fourth, 5:15: (D. Berntsen, Haas, Sullivan, Moore).

100-300-600-200 Relay: Clatskanie, fifth, 3:47.3. (Moore, Jurgenson, Haas, D. Berntsen).

200-200-400-800: Clatskanie, third, 5:25: (Trump, H. Berntsen, Ives, Sullivan).

Discus: H. Berntsen, 15th, 48’6.

Javelin: Haas, ninth, 64’4; Sullivan, 33’1.

Long Jump: Jurgenson, 13th, 12’10; D. Berntsen, 15th, 12’8; Trump, 20th, 11’9.

Triple Jump: Jurgenson, 11th, 24’3; H. Berntsen, 14th, 22’9.

Tigers Fall Twice In Arizona

On their annual spring break trip to Arizona, the Clatskanie High School (CHS) baseball team lost two games Tuesday, March 25.

Against St. Mary’s High School of Colorado Springs Clatskanie fell 13-2.

The Tigers jumped out to an early 1-0 lead in the first inning when Colten Puzey scored on a wild pitch, but after that it was all St. Mary’s.

They scored seven runs in the top of the second inning, on five hits and three walks.

The Tigers scattered seven hits through out the game, two by Seth Makinson. Puzey scored both of the Tiger runs with a hit and two walks.

Pitcher Mica Karber absorbed the loss for the Tigers.

The Tigers then faced Brighton High School for an 8-12 loss.

The Tigers struck early in the top of the first when Colten Puzey stole home, but Brighton answered with four runs in the bottom of the inning.

German George tied it up in the top of the second with a bases-clearing double.

The Brighton Bulldogs scored three in the bottom of the second.

The Tigers clawed back to tie the game on run-batted-in (RBI) singles by Makinson and Karber.

The Bulldogs scored runs in the bottom of the fourth on a two-run double and added two more in the fifth for the final score of 12-8 Brighton.

Puzey led the Tigers with three runs on two hits and two walks.

Thomas Shelby was the losing pitcher for the Tigers.

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