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Activate any major news channel in the network and you will see our graduates at work. ESPN, CNN, FOX, NBC, BET, CBS, ABC – alphabet soup that expresses success. Turn on the TV in New York City, Philadelphia, Hong Kong, Charlotte, Atlanta, Amsterdam, Denver, Tampa, and other major cities – we’re there too. You’ll also be part of a powerful network that includes colleagues from National Geographic, Harlem Globetrotters, NFL Movies, and nearly every TV channel in the Southeast. Here are some of our alumni who are making their mark in the field.

  • Eva Pilgrim, ’04

    Correspondent, Weekend Co-Host, ABC News

  • Kenneth moton

    Kenneth Moton, ’04

    National Correspondent, ABC News

  • Ainsley Earhardt

    Ainsley Earhardt, ’99

    Co-host, FOX and friends

  • Rosalyn Durant

    Rosalyn Durant, ’99

    Senior Vice President of Operations, Walt Disney World

  • Andy Pierrotti

    Andy Pierrotti, ’03

    Investigative reporter, 11Alive, WXIA Atlanta

  • Emily keown

    Emily Keown, ’10

    Writer / Producer, Good Morning America


As a student you will learn to relate and tell stories, film and produce videos, and practice play-by-play and public speaking. While you are still in school, you will be working on major current events as part of your schedule, such as the students who achieved prominence in history during the presidential primary campaigns. Learn more about the courses you will be taking as an audiovisual journalism student in the Academic Bulletin. But here are a few that might be of particular interest to you.

Capstone experience

As a senior, you will end your academic career on the team that produces a daily live television newscast that airs on campus and local cable stations. You can stream the shows from our Livestream channel. And you can see their work on the Carolina News and Reporter website. Check out the packages these students created in the upper semester and see where they are working now as new graduates.

  • Jolles district

    Ward Jolles, reporter, WKOW, Madison, WI

    Five Points takes a hit

  • Rebecca Fair

    Rebecca Fair, reporter, WSOC Charlotte, North Carolina

    Buy small

  • Ross mashburn

    Ross Mashburn, producer / WACH, Columbia, SC

    Vinyl records are making a comeback

In the news

We don’t just report the news, our students, alumni and professors also make the news. Here are some of their recent titles.


Want to see what it’s like to work with the big boys? We will help you. We find you internships in big TV markets, with professional sports teams or even in your hometown, if that’s what you’re dreaming of. And these are just a few of the many opportunities for our students.

Advanced study

As a broadcast journalism student, you also have the opportunity to gain a solid foundation for higher education. Improve your report writing and writing skills and your understanding of advanced communication techniques with higher level courses through our Accelerated Masters program in Mass Communication. Choose from Strategic Communications Management or Multimedia Journalism and earn two degrees in less than five years.


You’ll study with real pros like Rick Peterson, a TV veteran who still works for NBC News Channel on weekends and in his spare time, and Greg Brannon, an award-winning journalist, presenter, producer and Emmy Award recipient. from the Southeast region. who has over 30 years of experience in local TV news and sports entertainment. Meet more from the Faculty of Journalism »

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