Broadcast journalism is now a major at Bloomfield College


Broadcast journalism, once an English concentration in the college’s humanities division, is now its own specialty.

“Today more than ever, broadcast journalism requires professionals with skills, knowledge, wisdom and integrity. Our new program recognizes this need and will help prepare our students for careers in a rapidly changing and increasingly demanding industry, ”said Dr. Tresmaine Grimes, Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty. “Taking broadcast journalism from a concentration to a major will improve the preparation of our students for this important career. “

Bloomfield College’s Broadcast Journalism program will prepare students for professional careers in collecting, analyzing and reporting electronic and print news.

This major is also aimed at those who prefer to be “behind the camera”. Students will learn to use microphones, recording equipment, and other devices. Students will also learn to edit, produce and / or direct the news.

In addition to taking journalism courses, students will gain hands-on experience providing content for the college’s internet radio station, WBCR, attending special on- and off-campus events, and national conferences. Last year, students had the opportunity to visit various news outlets, including NBC, as well as interview Gayle King, co-host of “CBS This Morning” and editor of award-winning magazine O, the Oprah Magazine, when she visited Bloomfield College.

For over 10 years, the program has offered a thriving internship program with students working at institutions such as: NBC, ESPN, WBGO, BET, WBLS, Pfizer, CBS-Sports, MTV and DKNY.

For six years, the Broadcast Journalism Program was the only iPad-based campus program. Upon entering the program, students are given an iPad, keyboard, microphone, and specialized apps. They use this material daily in their writing and production classes.

In addition to the Broadcast Journalism courses already offered at the College, other courses have been added including Journalism I, Journalism II, Sports Journalism, Media Ethics, Mass Communication Research, Journalist Journalism. choice of broadcast and use of tablet computers.

The professors of the program are Dr Jeanne Nutter, Broadcast Journalism Coordinator and Broadcast Journalism Professor; Esther Dillard, assistant professor of broadcast journalism and former journalist and presenter in several television markets; Doug Doyle, award-winning journalist and news director for the WBCR; and Karyn Collins, award-winning journalist and assistant professor.

“The addition of the new broadcast journalism program expands the offerings of the Humanities Division,” said Dr Nutter, whose list of accomplishments includes nothing less than publishing books, creating exhibitions, production of films that are shown in film festivals; and the presidency and advocacy of different organizations. “This program is unique in that it provides students with training in radio, television and print media. No other major offers this combination of courses.”

Currently, the Broadcast Journalism program is the largest program in the College’s Humanities Division.

Bloomfield College is now accepting applications for the Spring 2018 and Fall 2018 entry requirements. Please direct questions to Nicole Cibelli, Director of Admissions, at 973-748-9000 ext. 1230 or [email protected]


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