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They didn’t quite win a ratings war, but broadcast journalism students from Carlsbad High School and Valley Middle School recently won the National Award of Excellence from the Student Television Network.

The announcement came recently from officials at the Student Television Network Convention in Anaheim, where thousands of students from around the world competed in on-the-fly shows as well as in categories such as sports highlights, music videos, silent films and public service announcements.

The CHS program has been the nine-time winner of the National Award of Excellence, and Valley Middle School has won the award five times, more than any other college in the United States.

“The convention brings together 3,000 students from seven countries, and the level of competition is enormous,” said Doug Green, who teaches the Carlsbad high school and college programs. “Our students got to meet young reporters and filmmakers from hundreds of schools – and they quickly learned that they had a common bond: an interest in becoming great storytellers.”

Green, recipient of the 2016 California Teacher of the Year award, has been teaching broadcast journalism in the Carlsbad Unified School District since the 1990s at the college level and since 2002 at the high school level.

“After I became a teacher, I realized that video was a powerful way to engage students,” he said. “Students quickly learn that working in the media is a privilege that comes with a great responsibility. Each student is above all a journalist and a storyteller.

The Aviara Oaks Middle School Broadcast Team.

(Courtesy photo)

These are 21st century professional skills, says Green: “In a live television environment, students become confident collaborators, convenience stores, communicators, and they learn the importance of meeting deadlines. Most elementary schools in CUSD, he adds, have embraced digital media in one form or another.

And it seems to pay off. Carlsbad High School Television (CHSTV), Valley Middle School (VMSTV) and Aviara Oaks Middle School (Falcon News) won 17 national awards from the international competition.

But they don’t stop there, Green said. Other projects are underway, including a recently completed film project on people with disabilities and another on San Diego County schools that have partnered with businesses. “We’re looking at summer projects in collaboration with local high-tech and bioscience companies that recognize our students have unique skills to help these companies tell ‘their stories.’ “

Carlsbad High School Breaking News Team, left to right: Logan Welsh, Connor Young, Brooklynn Scott, Connor Hanan.

(Courtesy photo)

CUSD and other San Diego County schools have won these awards:


Latest news: Carlsbad High School, third.

Crazy 8 Broadcast morning show: Carlsbad High School, fourth.

Crazy 8 Short film, Fiction: Carlsbad High School, second.

Musical clip: Rancho Bernardo High School, second; Carlsbad High School, fourth.

Sports highlights: Carlsbad High School, third.

Silent movie: El Camino High School, second.

One-off functionality: First, Carlsbad High School.


Anchor team: Valley Middle School, fifth.

Summary of the congress: Aviara Oaks Middle School, first.

Movie trailer: Valley Middle School, first place, Aviara Oaks Middle School, fifth place.

Musical clip: Aviara Oaks Middle School, fourth.

Natural sound package: Valley Middle School, third.

Message of public interest: Valley Middle School, first.

Silent movie: Aviara Oaks Middle School, first.

One-off functionality: Valley Middle School, fourth.


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