Podcast: TVO CEO Jeffrey Orridge Has Big Plans for Broadcaster’s Future



By Bill Roberts

THIS IS NOT ONLY a conversation about TVO, but about the very future of engagement in virtual media, cutting-edge entertainment, electronic games and digital changes already well underway for our entire media ecosystem!

Growing up in the tough scrabble of Queens, New York, just around the corner from Malcolm X, and now barely a year after taking the job, TVO’s new (ish) CEO Jeffrey Orridge has set ambitious goals for Ontario’s educational media entity is THE source of premium educational content on all platforms.

Inspired by the irony of his children, this former CFL commissioner – and digital savvy – shares his take with our podcast listeners on how TVO will continue to take the plunge for provincial learners during Covid- 19 and beyond, building on the remarkable success of its Independent Learning Center and other great offerings such as TVOKids.

With public broadcasting around the world struggling with funding and political support, this Harvard Law School-trained and motivated entrepreneur believes TVO is a shining exception.

Orridge, who was the first African-American CEO of a major North American sports league and is now priced more than most people have in silverware (p. Where he’s now supposed to be .

And its deep commitment to diversity, popular voices, journalistic integrity, accessibility, Indigenous concerns and a near future where top quality online learning systems for students and learners of all ages are literally present in every community in Ontario is, well… more than a little breathtaking.

Here’s a free-spirited chat with one of the most respected leaders in building teams, brands and businesses across North America.

Plus, oh yeah, Jeffrey does have US Vice President Kamala Harris on his smartphone, and he’s really taken care of Shaquille O’Neil’s size 24 shoes… I’m just saying!

Picture borrowed from Linkedin.

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