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TUPELO, MELLE. (WCBI) – A former teacher at Tupelo High School is arrested and charged with two counts of sexual violence and five counts of child abuse.

It comes after a probable cause hearing in Lee County Circuit Court.

Braden Bishop was taken in handcuffs after circuit court judge Thomas Gardner said he reviewed Tupleo’s police report and alleged victim impact statements. Gardner ruled that there was probable cause for Bishop to be arrested and charged.

Until last week, Bishop was teaching audiovisual journalism at Tupelo High School, and he was also director of sports information. Bishop is credited with building the broadcast journalism program at the school. However, he was suspended on October 29, when the police began their investigation, and he was fired two days later.

A Tupelo Police affidavit states that the alleged crimes took place between December 2017 and October 2018.

“With cell phones and computers I think it’s just a facet of modern society that we have to deal with, sometimes people’s passions and nature take over, it’s illegal if a person is in. position of trust or authority over someone who is under the age of 18 is an offense, ”Lee County District Attorney James Moore said.

Braden Bishop’s probable cause hearing was originally set for November 2. But Bishop was in a mental health facility in Meridian. He went there after giving a statement to detectives at the Tupelo Police Department. And while it’s too early to talk about a defense strategy, Bishop’s attorney Tony Farese has said his client’s mental state is relevant to the case.

“There is always the question of jurisdiction, is a defendant competent to proceed with a trial, was he or she competent at the time the statements were made, and are there other defenses or other extenuating circumstances as to why a defendant acted in the way they are alleged to have acted, there will certainly be a question of whether their statement to law enforcement is a valid statement, ”he said. said Farese.

The case now passes to the next Grand Jury, which will meet in January.

Bishop was released from prison on $ 100,000 bail. Justice Gardner ordered Bishop to have no contact with the alleged victim and not to attend any school functions.


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