Fox News is broadcast journalism’s ‘worst nightmare’ | Letters to the Editor

Have you ever noticed what never seems to get covered by Fox News? I force myself to interrupt my viewing of CNN by turning arbitrarily to Fox, in the hope of seeing truly remarkable subjects covered in depth. But not once have I discovered anything other than worthless propaganda and conspiracy laden commentary that is designed only to pander to the lowest common denominator of human minds.

I bet the Murdocks are acutely aware, for example, that scientists are currently working on a “universal” COVID-19 vaccine, which would fend off virtually any potential variant the virus might produce. But such a stunning news development is far too cerebral and not “Trumpian” enough to make the cut for their circus.

Edward R. Murrow, universally recognized as the dean of American broadcasters, proclaimed the infinite potential of television to educate, inspire and elevate the human condition to stellar heights. But he also warned of its vulnerability to terrible abuse, citing the worst excesses of fascist dictatorships during World War II. Fox has become Murrow’s worst nightmare: a for-profit monstrosity whose sole mission is to nurture and expand its viewer’s fears, prejudices and ignorance.

For industry leaders like Murrow, Walter Cronkite and Tom Brokaw, reporting truth and relevance was the only worthy goal of news outlets. But the greed and amorality of Fox’s content has so corrupted their network that it has now become the very antithesis of informed reporting.

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