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Hopatcong Lake Regional News had the opportunity, with the help of Joseph Piccirillo, Assistant Superintendent of Schools, to get a behind-the-scenes look at the CTE programs currently available at Hopatcong High School. In this first article in the series, we’ll focus on broadcast journalism.

CTE Program: Broadcast Journalism

According to Assistant Superintendent, Piccirillo, “The CTE Broadcast Journalism program is a prime example of using existing resources within the district to create a certified program that gives students access to a career in the broadcasting industry. the animated broadcast of the NJ / NYC “.

Elements of the CTE program:

  • Journalism: Entry level exposure to the CTE program and equips students with the skills to write, research, create article tracks, titles and captions
  • Public speaking: Builds on skills learned in journalism on how to write news, interview and do research.
  • TV / video production 1: Introduction to the fundamentals of television and video production.
  • TV / video production 2: Further prepares students for future careers in film and video production. This involves concrete and practical experiences in the production and creation of film and video content.

According to George Segale, industry professional and high school TV / video teacher, “Our mission is to provide school-to-college or school-to-career preparation for students interested in journalism from broadcast and radio and television production. through a core curriculum emphasizing both technical production skills and journalism and public speaking. “

Deputy Superintendent Piccirillo added, “The program provides the opportunity to simultaneously earn college credit and field work experience. “

Real learning: Arrow TV

HHS ArrowTV Show 300xBeyond teaching theory, the Hopatcong School District believes in real hands-on learning through the use of Arrow TV as part of this CTE program.

Residents of Hopatcong may not be aware that they have a complete news, sports and entertainment TV station in the borough called Arrow TV, which can be watched live online, or you can check out the archives of recent broadcasts. These shows are entirely written, scripted, acted and filmed by high school students as they progress through the CTE program.

According to George Segale, “We have five teams of two students, and every week they work hard to completely produce their shows to air. “

What’s available on Arrow TV?

  • Morning News – General News Show
  • Match day – Sports show
  • Chef Chow – Cooking Show
  • Wednesday to Wednesday – Announcements and general information
  • Tuesday Talk – Interview / Talk Show

Students who air the above shows have gone through an interview process for roles within the organization and have logged at least 25 hours outside of class during the year working on “Arrow TV” .

Vignette of the workforce competency certificateAdditionally, the program offers the opportunity to match up with Segale Productions, a production company owned and operated by George Segale, CTE teacher at Hopatcong High School. Students spend a 5 hour day observing Mr. Segale as he creates digital print media, videos, short films, works with clients, manages the company’s business operations.

Finally, at the end of the program, students take the assessment by a third party called the NOCTI test for audiovisual communications. This test provides successful students with professional qualifications from the largest provider of industrial qualifications and industry certifications partner for vocational and technical training (CTE) programs across the country.

For more information on CTE offers, how to involve your child in our programs, or how to be included as a business or academic partner, please contact Joseph S. Piccirillo, Deputy Superintendent of Schools, [email protected]

For the next article in this series, we cover the CTE Child Care program, where we were surprised to see real children being used as part of the practicality of the course.


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