I was once told that broadcast journalism was not for the people who were schooled in the village – KBC’s Purity Museo



In an article seen by Live pulse, Ms. Museo said that no matter what you are told, you should never give up your passion.

Purity Museo, who is also a health journalist, mentioned that she can only grow up where she is currently as a news anchor.

She added that all of this would not have been possible without God.

No matter what they tell you, never give up on your passion. I was once told that broadcast journalism was never for people who were educated in the village like me. I decided to work on all the weaknesses of my village and here we are. It can only get bigger. Who could have imagined this girl from Tseikuru, Mwingi would come this far. All to the beautiful Savior, Jesus Christ, my living hope! Praise the One who freed me!”Ms. Museo said.

She also hosts a show called #FamilyMatters on KBC.


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