M Means Music Podcast Digs Into Tame Impala’s “The Slow Rush”

While M Means Music host Daryl Easlea likes to travel back in time to explore crucial versions of the past, like Elvis Costello & The Attractions. Imperial Room or at Dr Dre 2001the last episode of the podcast dives into a newer version: Tame Impala’s The slow racereleased in 2020 as the fourth studio album from Kevin Parker’s musical project.

“Parker’s transition from galactic wigs to galactic disco over a decade was relatively painless. In his quest to find a connection between “60s psychedelic rock, psychedelic music and cosmic electronic music”, The slow race, released in February 2020, marked the moment when Parker’s ideas came to fruition,” says Easlea. “The slow race may well have alienated some original fans, with its avoidance of electric guitars and the songs being more textural than necessarily “pop songs” per se. As a result, The slow race was eagerly awaited. There was something about Parker’s formula that worked. »

The slow race arrived on Valentine’s Day and encapsulates the creative ideas of a recently married Parker – reflecting on growing old, finding love, and more. It has been described as an exploration of the “oceans of time, evoking the feeling of life in a flash, major milestones flashing by as you stare at your phone, it’s a hymn to creation and destruction and the endless cycle of life.”

Throughout the episode, Easlea breaks down The slow race in all of its main parts through examination of songs like “Lost In Yesterday”, “Instant Destiny”, “Breathe Deeper”, and more. There are stream-of-consciousness lyrics, dream pop, memories of taking ecstasy for the first time colored by the influence of Mariah Carey and Pharrell, and quiet, nostalgic journeys.

“If the seriousness of the subject of The slow race been married with doom settings, that would be an austere job,” Easlea says. “But to use the old adage that ‘a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down,’ serious matters float and sink deeper with repeated listening.”

The slow race scored Tame Impala’s best-selling album to date in the US in addition to winning five ARIA awards in Australia, including Album of the Year, Best Rock Album and Producer of the Year for Parker . The album scored nods at the Billboard Music Awards and the American Music Awards. The slow race was nominated for Best Alternative Album at the 2022 Grammy Awards as well as Best Rock Song for “Lost In Yesterday.”

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