On LawNext Podcast: Courtroom5 CEO Sonja Ebron on Arming Pro Se Litigants to Succeed in Court

For those who must go to court without a lawyer, navigating the court system can be daunting. Courtroom5 is a unique court technology company that solves this problem by providing pro se litigants with the training, tools, materials and support they need to represent themselves. For litigants who need additional help, it also offers access to a la carte lawyer services.

Our guest this week, co-founder and CEO of Courtroom5 Sonja Ebron, was motivated by her own experiences as a pro se litigator to develop a way to help others who find themselves in the same situation. With a doctorate in electrical engineering and experience as an entrepreneur, she and co-founder Debra SlonePh.D. librarian and former library school professor, launched Courtroom5 in 2017.

Courtroom5 is also a founding member of the Justice Technologies Association, formed earlier this year to support tech companies that help people navigate legal cases. Ebron and Slone were both nominated at 2022 Fast case 50which pays tribute to the “smartest and bravest innovators, technicians, visionaries and leaders” in the law.

Listen to find out why Ebron founded Courtroom5, how he helps those who can’t afford a lawyer, and what she sees as the future of her business and the broader justice tech landscape.

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