Plymouth North Broadcast Journalism Team Wins Student Emmy Awards



PLYMOUTH – The pandemic hasn’t stopped Plymouth North High School’s broadcast journalism team from their annual Newscasting Excellence Series.

Smaller than normal due to COVID-19 restrictions, the Plymouth North News team was nonetheless powerful, winning two first-place awards in the recent 2021 Boston National Academy of Television Art and Sciences Regional Student Production Awards. / New England.

The eight-person team won the Student Emmy for Best High School Magazine Program for their first show of the year – which aired in October, as students still adjusted to a blended learning model.

The show examined the issue of fairness and justice in the school and in the community, examined a marketing student initiative to promote local buying, and explained the new COVID-19 rules surrounding autumn sports.

The team of Amber Pestana and Caroline Richards also won a Student Emmy for High School Arts and Entertainment / Cultural Affairs for their “Spotlight on Brooke Potvin,” a story about a Plymouth North senior who became a social media influencer. social media during the pandemic.

Shelley Terry teaches the broadcast news program with Evan McNamara. Terry said the pandemic posed planning challenges as members of the press team were split into two groups for most of the year.

The Plymouth North News team recently won a Student Emmy for the best magazine to broadcast in New England.

Terry had six students two days a week and two students the other two days, but the group did not meet until after the return to in-person learning in April.

The students nevertheless rose to the challenge, with some participating in remote planning sessions.

“We had some real shining stars who worked really hard,” said Terry, citing students Bailey Norton and Caroline Richards for their efforts on this year’s live show. Technical difficulties prevented the presenters from practicing their roles, but they were successful in the live performance.

The PNN team gathers before a show.

Terry also credited Caroline Richards and Amber Pestana’s partnership during the year. “They were the best partners, and that’s one of the best things you can be in this business – be a great partner and always invest 110%,” she said.

Terry also noted the work of Karen Phan. “Karen brought so many story ideas and had the passion, enthusiasm and positivity that we needed,” said Terry.

Although they are forced to alternate school days for much of the year, members of the press team were able to reunite last summer for a three-day training camp that will take them to the next level. presented the basics of the program. Over the course of the year, they produced six shows, which is down from the usual nine or 10, but impressive considering the odd year.

Plymouth North News also received four honorable mentions at the Student Emmy Awards.

The team’s second and third shows last fall won honorable mention. The team also received an honorable mention for its sporting history on the swim team. Kailey Reardon and Caroline Richards received honorable mention for their light reporting on “Virtual DECA”.

The Plymouth North News team recently won a Student Emmy for the best magazine to broadcast in New England.

This year’s award-winning Plymouth North News team members are Christian Hohulin, Jamie Keep, Andrew Melville, Bailey Norton, Amber Pestana, Karen Phan, Kailey Reardon and Caroline Richards.


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