Podcast The Electronic Wireless Show episode 184: the best video game ideas on paper

We’re on both hands this week because Nate has a sore throat, but Matthew and I are having a great time talking about the games that look like amazing ideas on paper (whether they end up being awesome on paper or not) and even manage to contrast them with games that sound like bad ground but end well. We manage to talk about a lot of games in a sensible way, and even seriously discuss how high-profile indies can dominate their niche at the expense of other interesting games.

There is also a lot of talk about holes.

First, we discuss Donut County (not the country), a game that sounds amazing as an idea and is pretty brilliant in its execution – but doesn’t quite do as much as I’d hoped when I heard about it.

Matthew thinks Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney sounds amazing when you describe him (a lawyer, but, like, fun!)

Daniel Mullins’ games like The Hex sound good or bad, but either way, next time he should make a game that has no twists.

Ape Out does exactly what it does on the box, and it’s glorious. Likewise, Untitled Goose Game is a goose’s game.

Papers, Please wins this thematic discussion on three vectors. Please, someone ask Lucas Pope if writing the manual in real life is a “cheat”.

Matthew is a fan of the game Insurmountable, which gamifies climbing a big old mountain.

Recommendations this week, Kotaro Isaka’s new book, Three Assassins, and the new (and final) series of Derry Girls currently airing on Channel 4.

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