Release of episode 8 of the Timezones podcast series

Episode 8 of the Timezones podcast is out.

In this episode, released on Monday, artists in Dhaka discuss their own motivations and approaches to pursuing art, despite the challenges ahead.

They reveal how the pandemic has shaped, or rather remade, the creative process, and how technology has become the new normal for them.

Dhaka serves as a container for 20 million souls – surviving day to day, but never failing to smile.

It’s probably the least known capital in the world, but it’s a melting pot of joy and fear mixed with hope. There is a lot going on in Dhaka and the sound arts are not isolated from these changes.

Local artist team BLKBX and “anonymous” created this episode, which takes a look at Dhaka’s art scene. It examines the digital evolution of the city and the implications for artists living and working in the metropolis.

The transformation of the city towards digitalization is not necessarily due to propagandistic representation but to the desperate need to survive.

Amid the chaos of navigating everyday challenges for everyday people, the digital world serves as a new form of escape. However, for artists, this addiction can be a hindrance – and the creative juices are thrown into a blender that combines media, art and technology.

With a growing underground scene for electronic artists, the city is about to experience a new domino effect that will bring a musical revolution, much like its predecessor rock music – a creation created by and for its people.

Artists step out of their comfort zone to explore new areas of creation and debate how this will affect the way we perceive and create art.

Episode 8 is now available worldwide on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Deezer and Stitcher.

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