RTP Awards made broadcast journalism rewarding and competitive



Animation of Tuesday, December 15, 2020

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Radio and Television Personality Awards (RTP) CEO Prince McKay

Radio & Television Personality (RTP) Awards President and CEO (CEO) Prince McKay said his awards program has contributed to the competitive nature of the broadcast journalism fraternity.

In an exclusive interview on Kastle Drive with Amansan Krakye watched by MyNewsGh.com, Prince Mckay revealed that prior to the creation of the RTP Awards, there was no form of recognition for personalities in radio and television.

“We thank God that you, the media, have really supported our initiative. Before coming up with these RTP Awards, there was nothing gratifying for those in the broadcast journalism fraternity, ”he said.

“Before we won this award, we were really celebrating musicians, but the RTP Awards made a lot of people appreciate those who work as broadcast journalists,” he added.

Prince McKay said that so far most people have rated the RTP Awards as one of the best awards programs in Ghana since its inception around 10 years ago.

“This year has been very difficult, but when it comes to award programs, the RTP Awards stood out as one of the best. The event which aims to reward those who work on radio and television personalities has been judged by many to be one of the most outstanding awards programs in Ghana. So now when the date for the event is set, you realize that a lot of people are coming together to support their favorite radio and television personality, ”he said.


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