The Real Life Podcast Ep. 346 – Wheels Down, Chicago Mix Update and NFL Playoffs

A new week has arrived and that means the Real Life podcast gang is back with a brand new episode to help you get through the rest of your Monday. Today the guys looked at the Oilers’ ongoing struggles, provided a Chicago Mix update and more.

To kick off the episode of Real Life, the boys began with a look at Saturday night’s loss to the Ottawa Senators and how it was such a deflating loss, especially after leading a two-goal lead in the third period. . No matter how you slice it, everything that could go wrong has gone wrong lately, and with a very tough schedule ahead, the guys are trying to figure out what’s next. Needless to say, the vibes here are anything but positive right now. Stepping away from the Oilers, the guys dove into their wordle strategies as everyday wordplay continues to take over the internet right now. Is everyone playing? Do the guys have strategies? From there, the guys dove into a conversation from last Thursday’s podcast on Chicago Mix after Real Life listener Electronic Jordan went to Costco and provided the kind of research he desperately needed. As you will hear, Electronic Jordan worked on this mission and the results were truly amazing. Back in sports, the boys watched a very busy NFL weekend as the playoffs began and the bets flew. Finally, the guys ended this week’s podcast with a look at the Winter Olympics, as everyone on the podcast is looking for something to get excited about after a very tough month of Oilers fandom that has started dragging them down. down.

Listen to Thursday’s episode of Real Life below:

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