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Newswise – The score, a podcast on the issue of cheating in higher education, was posted today on all popular podcast platforms. The Score is hosted by journalist Kathryn Baron who speaks with academic researchers and other experts on the issue of cheating plaguing higher education institutions around the world. Click to Tweet.

The Score covers the topics of contract cheating, trial mills, collusion, plagiarism, AI bots, and simple ways students use to cheat on exams, like hiding notes or writing on their forearms, at the complex such as the use of impostors, virtual machines and electronic devices. . The episodes also cover the for-profit cheating companies and billion dollar investments that spawn new generations of cheat technology.

October 20 was chosen as the launch day in recognition of the International Center for Academic Integrity’s International Day of Action Against Contract Fraud. Visit for resources and research on this issue.

The following guest episodes are live today:

  • 001 – Derek newton, an education reporter with signatures on academic integrity and cheating in the Washington Post, USA Today, and The Atlantic, among others. Newton is also a Forbes contributor and author of The cheat sheet on the sub-stack.
  • 002 – Shank Dyer, former president of the NCTA, Test Center Administrator and Co-Chair of Academic Integrity at the College of DuPage, and a well-known voice expert on test administration, test security and academic integrity.

Episode 004, airing in November, will include:

  • Eren Bilen from the Data Analysis Department at Dickinson College will participate alongside Dr. Alexander Matros from the University of South Carolina and an international chess master. Bilen and Matros will discuss their research published in September 2020 on cheating during the pandemic and their experience with online chess communities over the past two decades.

Learn more about each episode, view the show’s ratings, or listen on Subscribe to The Score on the most popular podcasting platforms, including Apple, Spotify, and Google or The Score’s RSS feed. Follow The Score on Twitter and Instagram with @podcastTheScore.

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About the score
The score podcast takes a look at the complex and sometimes surprising issues surrounding academic integrity in education and professional testing. Our host is renowned educational journalist Kathryn Baron who speaks with educators, researchers and other journalists, all of whom are experts on the issue of academic integrity and professional licensing. Subscribe to The Score on all popular podcast platforms including Apple, Spotify, and Google. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram with @podcastTheScore.


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