Tom Morello discusses creative exploration and more on podcast



Tom Morello discusses creative exploration and more on podcast

Tom Morello recently took to Revolver Magazine’s Fan First podcast and spoke about exploring his creativity as an artist, his new ‘guitar language’, what he thinks about electronic music and the story behind it. his new album. The 39-minute podcast interview contains many gems. Watch the full interview here.

Morello spoke to Revolver about many topics, including what Rage Against The Machine was listening to on their tour bus. Morello said they were listening to Nirvana, even mocking “Smells Like Teen Spirit” in a parking lot. Speaking of his guitar playing, Morello attributed his advancement in skills to his volume of practice and the quirk of what he used to emulate. Morello said: “I was practicing helicopter noises that I heard above my head, dogs barking in the yard, Star Wars zappers,” and it allowed him to develop his own sound which was only Rage Against The Machine. His own guitar language was developed by practicing “8 hours a day”. He also added that the guitar was the greatest instrument invented by mankind.

Later in the interview, Morello talks about his growing love for electronic music. He said he “hated electronic music” and had a “negative opinion” about it before taking the time to listen to it. But after listening to artists like Bassnectar and Skrillex, Morello was very intrigued. After hearing their music, Morello claimed that he thought they just had to “be fans of Rage Against The Machine and Audioslave”, due to the heaviness of the songs. So he started loving her after realizing the relationship he had with his own music.

In August, Morello announced his new album, The Atlas underground fire, which fell on October 15. In an interview he said that he was inspired by Kanye West on the album by recording guitar riffs on his phone just like Kanye West recorded vocals on his phone.

Rage Against The Machine is confirmed to be headlining at Coachella 2022.

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